Thursday, November 27, 2014

I’m Thankful for…=)

21 things I’m thankful for this year!

  1. The cruise I was able to go on in February (read about it here, here, here, here, and here) the biggest learning experience so far for me.
  2. Having the health and endurance to run the 500 mini marathon 
  3. Another year with my horse Sam. He’s 22 and starting to show his age, which reminds me to cherish every second we spend together.
  4. Friends. I’ve shared so many wonderful memories with so many of them this year and feel so blessed to have each one in my life.
  5. My best friend Christina, this year we’ve gone through so much together. I don't want to image my life without her
  6. My entire family, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive group of people to claim forever=)
  7. My mom…when no one else will listen, she’s always there.
  8. Celebrating my 21st birthday in North Carolina
  9. The best vacation of my life (Smokey Mountains)
  10. My job…that has slowly begun to turn into a career this year and given so much more purpose to my life
  11. These books…for helping my dig deeper in my personal study time each day.
  12. New beginnings. and believe me this year I have needed a lot of them
  13. Our home…it’s so peaceful here. Our second year was even better than the first=)
  14. So many wonderful evenings on this boat this summer.
  15. My new found love for cooking…I have had so much fun in our kitchen this year.
  16. Electronics…I don’t over use them, but boy am I glad I have them.
  17. My schedule book. Since I started using one since Mayish, my life has been much more structured and I accomplish more. I don’t go anywhere without it.
  18. My boss…he’s practically my second dad.
  19. Fabulous Amish neighbors, I spend so much time at their house.
  20. Braces, I don’t like the way the feel or look. But the results I saw/am seeing this year are amazing.
  21. Dave Ramsey, listening to this at the beginning of January has revolutionized my year and the way I handle my money


Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. I’m running in the Drum Stick Dash this morning…it’ll be cold but so fun. Christina’s joining me this year. It’s always a good way to start Thanksgiving, by helping others.


P.S> I’m missing this guy today…my first Thanksgiving in my life without my younger brother. This is when growing up isn’t fun….


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 19-Nov 25

I went to my first Amish benefit dinner Friday night. Our neighbor kids took me on a tour of their school house. Picture a “Little House on the Prairie” school and you’ll will be imagining it perfectly. I totally could have gone to school like this. I mean they have the perfect play ground for recess and a stove inside for heating their lunches…

Samuel came home for Isaac’s birthday last weekend. He looked so good, just three weeks and he looks so much more like a man older. I wish he was nearer so I wouldn’t notice the change. His move hasn’t been anything but a good decision, so far. We all miss him, but thus is the life of adults. We all move on. He’ll be missing Thanksgiving with us, but he’s coming home for Christmas…and I’m going to visit him in January=)

Our entire family was together Saturday night for Isaac’s 17th birthday party…it was a fun night. I couldn’t help but be thankful for all these wonderful people God has blessed me with to call my family.

Samuel, Isaac and I did the weekly grocery shopping for our mom, together Saturday morning. The music was a bit loud at times and we might have pushed the cart a tiny bit too fast. But we got it all done in an hour! I was pretty proud of ourselves….haha! I love hanging with my brothers. They kept throwing food to one another. I think when I handed Samuel a large spaghetti squash and he throw it to Isaac who wasn’t expecting it, I could have died from embarrassment.


Day 323

~I feel…~

….so ready for this work day to be over. One good thing about my second job is I get to be outside.IMG_5197-2

Day 324


After I work my 7-4 job and then go an work horses till seven thirty, I finally arrive home to this. This is where I work on my dad’s business books every evening.IMG_5242-2

Day 325


As an adult, my definition of this word has changed a bit. This is what I do for play…make card/scrapbook…I have such a good time. Friday night I was making more Christmas cards for soldiers, while waiting on my bread to bake=)IMG_5277-2

Day 326

~my home~

It’s feels amazing to see this face again…he’s still calling this home. Soon that will change and Tennessee will claim that right in his heart. sniffIMG_5460-2

Day 327

~a treat~

Baking treats with Casey…I love this photo of her=)…I spent Sunday afternoon with this fabulous girl, cooking up more amazing things=)IMG_5670-2

Day 328


Making Amish noodles for the first time. I’ve helped an Amish family make these once, so when mom told me we needed noodles for Thanksgiving, I jumped at the chance…I borrowed this pasta maker from my bosses wife. It worked like a charm=) IMG_5987-2

Day 329

~currently reading~

Mom is reading the “Little Duke” to Isaac for some part of his school. I remember her reading to me back when…those were the days.IMG_6035-2

Its taken me a bit longer to get this post up today Works been super crazy today and I had to work solid over my lunch break. When, of course, I normally write this.

Tomorrows Thanksgiving!!! Where has this year gone. I can’t believe it’s already here…

I’ll be running a 5K (click here for more info) in the morning bright and early…with my best friend! I can’t wait=)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

casey crocker’s Sweet Potato Casserole

With Thanksgiving as our inspiration this month, Casey made Sweet Potato Casserole…I’m sure you all already have your pumpkin recipes baked for the season. So here’s a yummy Autumn side dish that will help to break up the pumpkin monotony… it’s is just SO delicious! Oh and look at all that color…they were so orange! I enjoyed this dish so much I might make some for my mom’s sides Thanksgiving meal. Now of course that I know how to make it=) thanks to Casey….

Casey cooked the sweet potatoes before hand in her crock pot. I’ve only heard of this, but haven’t ever tried it. She just wrapped them in foil, placed them in the crock and they cooked on high for four hours. Talk about super easy! They were cooked to perfection…and smelled amazing!

Click here to find the recipe and make this for yourself=)

IMG_5497-2They were still a bit warm…=) IMG_5501-2IMG_5505-2IMG_5514-2BTW isn’t her outfit choice so cute! She even had the silver nails to go with it=)IMG_5516-3IMG_5523-2IMG_5530-2IMG_5531-2IMG_5541-2IMG_5549-2We dídn’t have the eggs the recipe called for sooooo…Carl (Casey’s amazing husband) ran to the store and picked us some. See why I say she’s lucky, girlies…=)IMG_5562-2IMG_5577-2I loved this casserole dish…so beautiful! IMG_5589-2IMG_5753-2IMG_5765-2I just wish the marshmallows wouldn’t loose this puffiness…IMG_5767-2IMG_5778-2She decorates her house with all sorts of amazing things like this…candles in coffee beans. And you can just image what it smells like when the candles get warm. Heavenly!!! coming from a former coffee addict=) IMG_5792-2It looks as good as it tasted! IMG_5796-2IMG_5814-2IMG_5827-2IMG_5806-2

I love a plain sweet potatoes, but you can always make it better. At least once a year for the holidays.

What’s your favorite casserole?



Friday, November 21, 2014

I’m not ready to let Autumn go…

I feels like Fall just got here and now we’re rushing headlong into winter…with absolutely no warning. For a brief moment the leaves were bright and colorful on ALL the trees, and it was a bit warm for boots and scarves by the afternoon. But this perfect season lasted just a minute and now it’s into the single digit weather and snow. SNOW…before Thanksgiving even! I love the snow, winter and all…but I also love to have my seasons and I Autumn didn’t last long enough, in my option. *sniff* 

I had my first s’more this year. I know I know at 21, but I’ve never been one to eat marshmallows (I can actually count how many marshmallows I’ve eaten in my life)…so I naturally have always shied away from them. I wasn’t too impressed with it, if you were wondering. Apple slushy's are more up my ally…they are soooo good! And I love a good caramel apple…but with braces they weren’t included in this years fall foods for me=)


Here are a few Autumn “Lifesavors” that I absolutely love

...bright-eyed chipmunks with their cheeks full of goodies gathered for winter.

..."apple" trees: those trees that turn from green to red like a ripening apple.

...brightly colored trees playing ring-a-rosy around a reflective pond. trees with only their tips turned to scarlet and gold.

...the faraway, sharp scent of burning leaves.

...a brisk breeze that showers you with colorful leaves.

...the golden glow of the air.

...white birch trees sketched against the fall leaves.

...woodsy roads lined with blazing bushes.

aren’t they just perfect…I love them=)

So over night we’re onto the winter leggings, mittens, boots and hats. And of course the snow…frozen water to crack for the animals. And freezing as I drive the thoroughbreds in the evenings.

“If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait 5 minutes and it'll change”

That statement is soooo true.

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one…Happy Friday!!!!


inspired by this post

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 12-Nov 18

This cold weather is insane…I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of coveralls for this winter! If I had been using my brain I would have bought these this spring, instead, when they were on sale. oh well! this is what I get for not using my it. They are wonderfully warm. They make working in the barn sooooo much more enjoyable! so it’s okay if I look ridiculous in them=)

I’ve officially begun Christmas shopping…that is online, of course=) And my first set of packages should be arriving any day now. I love online shopping!!!! It’s sorta like a Christmas gift to me, I get to open it=) Then of course rewrap and give away again=) Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days for this. Free shipping, plus huge savings! This is one day out of the year that I indulge in hot chocolate. I make myself a cup and sit in my pajamas and slip, shop, smile and repeat=)

I only have a month and a half left to take a picture a day=) and I haven’t missed one day, it’s crazy awesome!!!

Day 316


Hannah and I made Christmas cards for the soldiers, while watching “Flicka” and one evening. We are completely opposites in everything…the way we clean, our interest, our movie choices (haha I don’t think she was really enjoying Flicka, come to think of it…) and in making cards. We don’t do it alike at all! But she can sure make a beautiful card and we sure had a ball that evening together. With sisters like mine, who needs friends?!?!?IMG_4957-2Day 317


I love coming home to mail on my bed…but please no junk mail!!!!!! =)IMG_4963-2Day 318

~something new~

Hannah’s new phone…she finally upgraded to a smart phone. Watch out! she’s now joined the phone addict club=)  IMG_4990-2

Day 319

~I wish…~

“I wish is was warmer out here”…hunting this morning was also referred to as “the time I froze”=) read more about my hunting joys hereIMG_4991-2

Day 320


I made this Amish Pumpkin cake…it was so dense. I used a healthy recipe…my all time favorite recipes to make (honey instead of sugar etc.) but I never got a chance to taste it. My mom and dad loved it=) I made the whipping cream as well…adding honey to it for sweetener also=)IMG_5037-2

Day 321


Ever since the snow fell, Merry’s been coming to the house and sitting outside the glass doors. She just sit there and watches as I eat breakfast. I usually give her a piece or two of bread. I don’t know why she doesn’t stay in the garage, where it’s warm.IMG_5051-2

Day 322

~ a landscape~

This was a bummer….all day I was envisioning this amazing photo I was going to take of the snowing landscape around my work. But noooo…I forgot and by the time I finished at my second job (and remembered) it was, of course, dark. And I had to settle for this picture, of a picture, on a page in a French cookbook I was drooling over=) yeah this is what I do for fun!?!?! haha =)IMG_5132-2

I hope your weeks been fantastic so far!

Happy Wednesda!!!



Monday, November 17, 2014


Totally love. love. love. these!!!!!

I was absolutely freezing in the tree on Saturday, it was only 12 degrees!!!! I held out till eleven and headed to the house. Isaac even joined me…so that proves it was actually cold, not just a girl thing=)

Sitting up there…hand shoved deep into my pockets and still no warmer. (I forgot me hand/body warmers) My feet, even my legs were sooo cold. But I made it and am here to tell the sorry tale…haha. Isaac went back out, but I had had enough and went shopping for coverall, winter clothing etc. I don’t know why?!?!?!?….lol

This is the only time when doing absolutely nothing, doesn’t bother me. I just sit there and look at the world around me and think. I could do it all day…if it’s not too cold.

This was taken right when the sun had begun to rise…there is nothing more beautiful!IMG_4991-2

The only animal I saw all day were squirrels…fascinating creatures! but they better not start yelling at me…=)IMG_4997-2IMG_5001-2

I hope today has been a good start to your week so far. I’m not sure if it has been for me….lol…it’s been a bit stressful actually…but I’m hanging in there.

Here’s to a week that can only go up from here=)


Friday, November 14, 2014

Do what you <3 love <3

What do I love doing the most?

Photographing wildlife and animals, hanging out with my horse, deer hunting, and cooking anything. I can’t rate any of these things, I honestly don’t know which I prefer doing the most. It would be in between: walking alone through the woods with my camera. Or when I’m sitting in the warm grass, next to my grazing horse. Or when I’m surrounded by the chilly darkness in my tree stand, on the opening day of gun season. Or when the counter is covered with flour, the timers going off and I’m just trying to wash that “before used and now needed” measuring cup. (I know I’m a pretty diverse girl)

Then there are things I’ve learn/learning to love. Because if you don’t love what you do then every day is work. Amiright? I hated extremely disliked my job when I first started back in July of 2012 (hard to believe it’s been that long ago) but about a year and a half into it. I can honestly say my job is something I look forward to each day. But I’m one of those types that does the worse part of job first; just like as a child I ate the “nasty” food first and saved the best till last=) So as an adult, I get the worse thing on my work “to do” list done first thing after sitting at my desk. The following quote inspires me everyday to start each day off with a good attitude.

"Fires can't be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men. Enthusiasm in our daily work lightens effort and turns even labor into pleasant tasks." ~James A. Baldwin

And this help me not just at work but in every area of my life.

Also in high school Physical Fitness was mandatory…I ran a mile almost every day in high school. But I didn’t enjoy it at ALL! I felt every single time my feet hit the ground. That finish point on our drive never came soon enough. Since high school, working out and I have come to a love/hate relationship. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’ll have to do some kind of fitness everyday for the rest of my life. (something sweaty everyday) I mean our bodies, don’t just work that food off by themselves. And once I did, I started to look forward to my morning workout…I’ll even do something on the weekends. I’m not where I want to be with this, but I’m headed in the right directions and I hope to eventually to love working out one hundred percent of the time.


The smiling faces of my siblings as they enjoy the creations I make in the kitchen, are the thank yous that warm my heart…and make me continue to try and prefect that next recipe=) These were some of the cookies I mentioned making on Wednesday.

It snowed yesterday!!!! So beautiful, I could have just stared out the window at it all afternoon. But I’m an adult and I was at work, so it wouldn’t have gone over very well. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Happy Friday=)