Wednesday, November 26, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 19-Nov 25

I went to my first Amish benefit dinner Friday night. Our neighbor kids took me on a tour of their school house. Picture a “Little House on the Prairie” school and you’ll will be imagining it perfectly. I totally could have gone to school like this. I mean they have the perfect play ground for recess and a stove inside for heating their lunches…

Samuel came home for Isaac’s birthday last weekend. He looked so good, just three weeks and he looks so much more like a man older. I wish he was nearer so I wouldn’t notice the change. His move hasn’t been anything but a good decision, so far. We all miss him, but thus is the life of adults. We all move on. He’ll be missing Thanksgiving with us, but he’s coming home for Christmas…and I’m going to visit him in January=)

Our entire family was together Saturday night for Isaac’s 17th birthday party…it was a fun night. I couldn’t help but be thankful for all these wonderful people God has blessed me with to call my family.

Samuel, Isaac and I did the weekly grocery shopping for our mom, together Saturday morning. The music was a bit loud at times and we might have pushed the cart a tiny bit too fast. But we got it all done in an hour! I was pretty proud of ourselves….haha! I love hanging with my brothers. They kept throwing food to one another. I think when I handed Samuel a large spaghetti squash and he throw it to Isaac who wasn’t expecting it, I could have died from embarrassment.


Day 323

~I feel…~

….so ready for this work day to be over. One good thing about my second job is I get to be outside.IMG_5197-2

Day 324


After I work my 7-4 job and then go an work horses till seven thirty, I finally arrive home to this. This is where I work on my dad’s business books every evening.IMG_5242-2

Day 325


As an adult, my definition of this word has changed a bit. This is what I do for play…make card/scrapbook…I have such a good time. Friday night I was making more Christmas cards for soldiers, while waiting on my bread to bake=)IMG_5277-2

Day 326

~my home~

It’s feels amazing to see this face again…he’s still calling this home. Soon that will change and Tennessee will claim that right in his heart. sniffIMG_5460-2

Day 327

~a treat~

Baking treats with Casey…I love this photo of her=)…I spent Sunday afternoon with this fabulous girl, cooking up more amazing things=)IMG_5670-2

Day 328


Making Amish noodles for the first time. I’ve helped an Amish family make these once, so when mom told me we needed noodles for Thanksgiving, I jumped at the chance…I borrowed this pasta maker from my bosses wife. It worked like a charm=) IMG_5987-2

Day 329

~currently reading~

Mom is reading the “Little Duke” to Isaac for some part of his school. I remember her reading to me back when…those were the days.IMG_6035-2

Its taken me a bit longer to get this post up today Works been super crazy today and I had to work solid over my lunch break. When, of course, I normally write this.

Tomorrows Thanksgiving!!! Where has this year gone. I can’t believe it’s already here…

I’ll be running a 5K (click here for more info) in the morning bright and early…with my best friend! I can’t wait=)


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