Friday, October 3, 2014

Vacation with the parents!

I don’t know where to start…this vacation was by far the best one I’ve had this year!

The days leading up to our departure on Wednesday were crazy and fun. So much to be done and absolutely no time to do it…Christina actually packed my stuff the night before, I was baking for the road. that’s why I love her, don’t know what I’d do without her. I wasn’t proud of how much stuff I took, but hey I had to bring all my bedding because I was sleeping on the floor in the room.

So the night before I stayed up till three in the morning with Christina…painting our nails, watched a movie and then sorted pictures together…you know getting as much time together as possible before I left. I was asleep within an hour of sitting in the car the next morning.

The smoky mountains?!?!?!? they are insane, I’ve never seen any mountains before so bare with me=) I was so amazed! But after being on Black Mountain all week, this Indiana girl was ready for the flat land and corn fields. At least be able to see something other than trees all around me.

So what was it like sharing a two bed hotel room with my two younger brothers and parents? Ummmm insane!!!! Seriously…I won’t even go into the parents side of it...don’t worry you really don’t want to know. But my brothers! Isaac isn’t so bad, but now Samuel is a different story. His suitcase was unloaded within the hour of our arrival. Not into drawers, mind you, but all over the floor. It was like this the remainder of the week. the constant “guy smell”.  okay I’ll stop. It was just hard for this girl to get used to=) Sharing one bathroom…that was the hardest. Samuel takes longer than me on just his hair…okay I promised to stop….sorry.

What was our schedule like? It was a conference - so we had a very tight schedule. For instance: breakfast was served from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. We never got to bed before 2:00 a.m. so getting up and showering before this time was a tough one. (at least for this girl) Remember we had only one shower, for five people and thankfully only two of them were girls=) Then we would go to a session and then after lunch, the day was ours. There was organized basketball, volleyball, also hiking, swimming, etc. whatever the camp had to offer was at our disposal. Dinner. One last session.  Then we went to a gym and played games, with a ton of young adults, till about twelve. All the “night owls” would continue the night in the hotel lobby or another room till about three. I only made it to two. We would climb in bed at that 'ungodly hour' and repeat the next day=) so fun right?!?!?!

Are parents are so cool to vacation with…easy going and good with anything. Mom took a ton of pictures of us! I barely used my camera myself, I passed it off to her…I’m sad to admit it. They both got all their sleep so they were in good moods on the way home. As for the rest of us...I won't go there. I loved the 'one on one' time I got with my parents and two brothers for five days straight. I made a lot of good memories that I will hold on to for life. 

I put together a short video of our trip enjoy=)

Just loads of fun! 

 photo B65CA3B1C6A0968D2D817F7063176B02_zpsd0982405.png


  1. I LOVED these pictures! Looks like soo much fun! ~Hannah Ison

    1. Thanks Hannah, It was a wonderful vacation=)