Friday, March 28, 2014

Bahamas Cruise (part 4) …the ship!

Norwegian Sky was the name of the ship we took our cruise on. She was huge! I loved the painting on the front of this ship…very beautiful. I won’t go into all the details about her, how many decks etc, just go look for yourself. (check it out here) 

This cruise ship was set up much like floating hotel, with a complete hospitality staff in addition to a usual ship's crew. It had a Casino — neat tidbit it was only open when the ship was at sea to avoid conflict with local laws, Spa, Fitness center, Shops — also only open when ship was at sea to avoid merchandising licensing and local taxes (they think they’re pretty smart huh?=), Library, Theatre with Broadway style shows, Cinema, Indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, Hot tubs, Buffet restaurants, Lounges, Gym, Clubs, shuffle board, basketball courts, pool tables, and ping pong tables.

The crew was amazing! Most of the them were from hired from under-industrialized countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America.  And the last few were from England…I didn’t see one American working on the ship at all. They were all so nice and it was fun listening to them talk…they all spoke English well but with a heavy accent. All the ship’s announcements were first spoken over the loud speakers in English and than the entire spiel was repeated in Spanish.   

The running track was just below the life boats…I spent all my mornings on there running=) (trying to burn all those calories away)




Boarding the boat…poor Christina always had both of her hands full, because I needed one of mine empty for the camera.IMG_5384




This one is really blurry but I wanted to show the stairs on the inside of the boat…IMG_5400

The view from our balcony…of MIAMIIMG_5426

On the sunning deck=) looking up…naturally what I was seeing from my lawn chair IMG_5435

While our phones worked we put them to good use….IMG_5438

Me sunning….IMG_5440


This is the hall way to our stateroom…crazy tight and the cellings were also pretty low.IMG_5448

Elevators to our right and the stairs to the left…we’re both headed up to the mandatory safety meeting before we set sail.IMG_5450

All line up for the safety meeting, it took like thirty minutes to get everyone lined up for this and then the meeting was only like ten minutes long…you weren’t allowed to use your phone or camera during this time. Most of our fellow passenger's weren’t from the US so it was difficult communicating with anyone other than a smile and a nod=) And if we wanted a picture together…we’d just point at our camera and they’d nod. After they snapped a photo, they’d wait as checked to see if we like it and we’d nod (thanks you) and they’d smile and walk away. IMG_5451



Our last look of the US for a few days=)IMG_5516

Nothing but water….all around us. The coolest view!IMG_5523


I don’t know why my hand was out…kinda dumb looking huh?!?!?IMG_5543

Christina looking out the door to our balcony…I love this silhouette shotIMG_5546


The first morning I got a shot of Great Stirrup Cay Island…it was neat waking up and just seeing blue, a strip of land and after that more blue water.IMG_5558

Look at that water …almost an unreal blue.IMG_5559

I took a picture down the side of the ship, after running one morning. It was a once in a life time experience running in that salty, tropical air.IMG_5950

The view from our breakfast tableIMG_5567



elevator=) IMG_5830


In the salon waiting to get my nail redone=)…and what girl doesn’t enjoy this?IMG_5836

And there was a mirror…IMG_5839

…so naturally I took some pictures of myselfIMG_5843

and included Christina in some….She had ceased to pay attention to me=)IMG_5848

Relaxing one evening on our balcony.IMG_5852


Getting ready for a show to start…these were fun to watch, especially when we were exhausted from the entire crazy fun day=)IMG_5877

Planning for the next dayIMG_5886


It stormed that night and you could feel the waves…in the ice cream line the guy scooping the ice cream said to Christina “How are you faring the rough seas?“ lol (with an accent and all) She was like huh? =) He told her if she started feeling to feel sick to drink some cool water and sit down. No she wasn’t feeling sick in this picture=)IMG_6308

Walking late one night on the top deck…after a rather large dinnerIMG_6322

The pool below us…with all the colorful lights, making everything that much funner! IMG_6323

Hot tubsIMG_6325


Basketball courts….and the bar belowIMG_6327


The stage, near the poolsIMG_6332


In the Library…the coolest place on the entire ship.IMG_6347


After dealing with Spanish channels or the Olympics…when Bonanza came on we watched it! I only watch Bonanza when I visit old folks in nursing homes. IMG_7035

First thing that met my eyes on Friday morning. IMG_7039


Last morning onboard…IMG_7056

Christina on the phone with mom.IMG_7064-001



Leaving our stateroom=(IMG_7072

So that was our experience aboard ship…so fun right!?!? we had the time of our lives. Everything about it other than the small bathroom was perfect. We had mixed - sad and happy - feelings when we disembarked on Friday morning. The ship was so homey (yet not) in a way.

Have a fabulous Friday! and I hope you enjoy the pictures=)