Friday, March 7, 2014

Bahamas Cruise (part 2) …the ocean, beach, and sun

Standing on the beach – toes in the cool sand. Listening to the waves crash. The salty air blowing my wet hair. The bright sun shining in my eyes. Sparkling “blue” water as far as I could see. Seagulls overhead crying to each other. I had dreamed of this moment…the moment when I saw the ocean. I had only read about this in books and seen pictures of the ocean…but my thoughts had not even come close to the beauty and magnitude of what lay before my eyes. Water forever…the waves never stopped. I could have just stood there all day and never gotten tired of looking.

Are you ready for a ton of pictures of the ocean? =) I had never seen it before and was completely blown away with what I saw so I took pictures…

A LOT of pictures=)

This the Miami Bay as we were leaving port on February 9th. This was my first view of what life near the ocean is like…and I tell you I could move into one of those houses tomorrow…=) It’s completely beautiful!IMG_5493 

So blue…it’s an almost unnaturally blue. Breathtaking. IMG_5608-001

We didn’t find many shells…that was my only disappointment of the trip. You go to a beach and you find shells right?!?! Oh well we found a few small ones, that’s better than nothing. not really.IMG_5669

Stepping into the ocean for the first time…it’s so salty. Crazy I knew it would be but didn’t know that it would be this salty. So when I went under the water I did what I always do, opened my eyes. Yeah I didn’t do that again.IMG_5694

That’s the cruise ship behind me…we came over to this Island on the Tender that day. Normally we just ported and walked off the ship onto land…it was cool doing it this way though.IMG_5673-001

Here’s the Island as we were leaving…see the light house in the middle of the picture?IMG_5856-001

On Nassau…we went on a tour and one of our stops was at this peer. It was very windy out there…if you can’t tell by our crazy looking hair=)IMG_6236





The lighthouse…as a child one of the first books I ever read was about a girl and a lighthouse. I’ve been completely infatuated by them ever since.

those tall buildings to the left are apart of a “twin” island of Nassau. Paradise Island. Now if I was going to move to the Bahamas I would move here, absolutely beautiful. A true tropical paradise.  IMG_6311

Since I’m an early riser I got to see the sun rise over the ocean every morning. This was by far the most beautiful sunrise ever. Nothing compares…well maybe over the hills of Indiana….yeah that’s definitely more beautiful=)IMG_6376


Look at that reflection in the water…at night we’d go out on the deck and stare at the moonbeam on the water. The night sky over the ocean is stunning. I don’t have the lens to take pictures of the moon yet, I was really wishing for it then. IMG_6390

This is the beach on the Grand Bahamas Island. The most beautiful of the three we visited.IMG_6435



Coral IMG_6454









We both took off running into the water right before this picture. She accidently wore her sunglasses in. I lost my earing, the waves just pulled my one out, so I included the other one…what the use of just one earing?IMG_6566

My favorite picture of us two…she had already put her shorts back on. She just stood on the shore and waited, waited and waited for me to get through taking pictures. And she never complains…that’s another reason we’re best friends.IMG_6604

Selfy=) she’s going to kill me, but hey it was on my camera. IMG_6598



I wrote in my bubble letters in the sand. The waves would wash it away and I would have another clean place to write. It was so much fun. I know I’ve said that a bunch, but it really was=)IMG_6538-001


Waiting on the waves, then they cover our feet, and away they go.My trip to the Bahamas1



I left my footprints in the sand!

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”IMG_6918-001



That spray of water is so cool…don’t you think?IMG_6623

The foam…IMG_6626









Let’s take a break from ocean pictures and look at Christina…lol…the salt water made our normally straight hair curl. I was in heaven=) I love these pictures of her!IMG_6767






We walked for about three miles down this beach, barefoot. We talked and walked, it was by far my favorite memory from the entire cruise. Plus we really needed the exercise after all that food on board…IMG_6856


Is there a more perfect picture?!?!IMG_6894






This little guy was running out to the ocean, waiting on the waves, then turning and running away from them as they came rolling in. So adorable.My trip to the Bahamas

I love this. She just stopped in the middle of the path and was cleaning her feet off, so she could put her sandals on. I was apologizing to the people who were going around her. One elderly couple laughing said they were just glad to be able to pass anyone=)IMG_6990

Leaving the Grand Bahamas Island…my last view of the tropics.IMG_7026

Too many pictures of the ocean? I know, I know…=) And that’s not even all of them.

We had such a great time in the water and on the beach. It was pretty chilly the days we were there and windy so we didn’t do a whole lot of swimming, as I had hoped. But nothing could beat the ocean view.



  1. Olivia, there can never be too many pictures of the ocean! :) I LOVED this post. I could totally live by a beach. I love the salty air, the sunshine, the spray, the brilliant water...the casual clothing. :) (as in bathing suits with shorts ;)) glad you shared these pictures! Makes me excited for spring/summer!

    1. Awe thanks! Yeah we weren't too proud in our swim suits...the winter time isn't a good time for! we felt like we had poured ourselves into them. She put her shorts on as soon as she got out of the water...I left my swim skirt on most of the time for the same reason=)

  2. Mother Ocean. She gives and she takes. She's given me much more than she's taken. You get so the salt water doesn't bother you. I would rather swim in salt than fresh. I've gotten pictures of gulls hatching on the beach, seen horseshoe crabs mating, chased tiger sharks through shipwrecks to photograph them, had Linda punch me and wave goodbye 'cause I've made a moray mad taking close ups.......I've lived in the desert for almost 20 years and the sea's still in my blood.

    1. OMW! Thanks so much for the insightful you have lived a very full life. And I bet your glad you caught it on camera...huh?

  3. I loved these pictures Olivia! The Ocean was so beautiful! Looking forward to more post of your trip even more now:) You did a great job on these pictures!

    1. Thanks Gracie....they will be up soon!

  4. WOW Olivia!! Those are some of the best pics of the ocean I have ever seen! No that was not to many pic of the water:) keep them coming!! I liked so many of them I don't have a favorite. hope to see more soon:)

    1. Thanks Faith! you will see more soon and I'm so glad you are enjoying them=)

  5. I LOVE the pictures of the ocean... Can't wait to see it someday. I think my favorite pictures are of the sunrise!!! So beautiful :) Nice pictures...

    1. Thanks! It's more than the pictures, absolutely amazing view=)