Friday, November 21, 2014

I’m not ready to let Autumn go…

I feels like Fall just got here and now we’re rushing headlong into winter…with absolutely no warning. For a brief moment the leaves were bright and colorful on ALL the trees, and it was a bit warm for boots and scarves by the afternoon. But this perfect season lasted just a minute and now it’s into the single digit weather and snow. SNOW…before Thanksgiving even! I love the snow, winter and all…but I also love to have my seasons and I Autumn didn’t last long enough, in my option. *sniff* 

I had my first s’more this year. I know I know at 21, but I’ve never been one to eat marshmallows (I can actually count how many marshmallows I’ve eaten in my life)…so I naturally have always shied away from them. I wasn’t too impressed with it, if you were wondering. Apple slushy's are more up my ally…they are soooo good! And I love a good caramel apple…but with braces they weren’t included in this years fall foods for me=)


Here are a few Autumn “Lifesavors” that I absolutely love

...bright-eyed chipmunks with their cheeks full of goodies gathered for winter.

..."apple" trees: those trees that turn from green to red like a ripening apple.

...brightly colored trees playing ring-a-rosy around a reflective pond. trees with only their tips turned to scarlet and gold.

...the faraway, sharp scent of burning leaves.

...a brisk breeze that showers you with colorful leaves.

...the golden glow of the air.

...white birch trees sketched against the fall leaves.

...woodsy roads lined with blazing bushes.

aren’t they just perfect…I love them=)

So over night we’re onto the winter leggings, mittens, boots and hats. And of course the snow…frozen water to crack for the animals. And freezing as I drive the thoroughbreds in the evenings.

“If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait 5 minutes and it'll change”

That statement is soooo true.

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one…Happy Friday!!!!


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  1. Well written Olivia, always enjoy your posts. Do enjoy the fall but already looking for forward to spring.