Thursday, May 14, 2015

casey crocker’s Lilac Lemon Fizz Mocktail

It’s me again….

…with yet another Casey Crocker recipe. This girl is so full of amazing ideas….I would have never thought to attempt a recipe that called for actual flowers, but that is the part that intrigued her=)  So when I walked into her lovely home, I was met with the warm fragrance of all the lilacs blooms she had gathered, in the bowl on the kitchen table.

Every time I visit with Casey I’m reminded of lucky I am to have a friend like her. In this fast pace world of ours it’s really hard to find the real genuine hearts in this world…and when you do, you better treasure that friendship, it’s the real deal=)

Okay on to the pictures…not that anyone was reading my rambles anyway=)


Okay I could have totally just taken pictures of these lemons….the color and lighting was perfect, but thankfully I spared you all and only shared one..


Everything good starts with sugar!

PicMonkey Collage2IMG_0367IMG_0333IMG_0383IMG_0404IMG_0395

Since I’ve never made any kind of drink other than coffee and tea, I learned so much. I mean I even started a new pinterest board  and am looking forward to making some the new creations I’ve found=) thanks Casey for the inspiration!

IMG_0410IMG_0416PicMonkey Collage3

Yeah sorry…those lemons again=) but I thought it was too beautiful not to share…


And the final picture!!!!



IMG_0518PicMonkey Collage5

I loved the way these turned out. Summery. Relaxing. Dreamy. I mean like seriously, sitting on the porch after ALL the photographing was accomplished. I could have sworn we were in Kentucky=) Each sipping our yummy cool drink while listening to the birds chirp. Sharing our house decorating dreams and just catching up on life happenings since we last saw each other. Sound slightly perfect?!?!? It was=)


those straws=) I know they’re perfect!


and lastly my favorite photo=) <3


So? What did you think?

Will you be trying this recipe this soon? hurry over to Casey’s blog for the recipe=)

I know I will (hopefully) be making lots of cool NEW drinks this summer. Waters great but sometimes it gets, to be honest, a little boring. So here’s to (literally) mixing up my summer drink selection up a bit=)


Until next time! Happy Thursday=)