Monday, September 29, 2014

11 questions=) answered by yours truly…

I found this list of questions online and thought you all might enjoy hearing my answers to them…

1. What person do you look up to the most? my mom, she the best person I know. A very strong Christian woman and if I can be just half the woman she is...I would be happy.

2. What is your dream car? a jeep wrangler...hands down the coolest vehicle ever made.

3. If you could collect one thing, what would it be? Christmas music CD! I. Want. Every. Single. One.

4. If you could get rid of one of your bad habits, which would it be? Procrastination...I've worked so hard to get rid of this and hopefully I’m succeeding.

5. What is your FAVORITE thing about yourself? That I’m athletic...


6. What is one thing you would change about yourself at this very moment? Oh that’s an easy one...I would change my reading speed. I want to be able to read faster and retain EVERYTHING that I read.

7. One thing you would change about the world? this is a hard one, I've been sitting here for several minutes trying to think of ONE thing...I would stop all the fighting/wars etc.

8. Do you make your bed everyday? Explain. yes I make my bed right after i climb out every single morning...have for most my life. I just can’t stand if it’s not made.

9. 3 things you would want on a deserted island? Only Bible, my horse, and my phone 

10. Would you rather be a business-person or homemaker? a business-person

11. No new clothes for the rest of your life? Or no new shoes?? no new shoes...I HAVE to have clothes!

Happy Monday=)


Friday, September 26, 2014

foggy morning in august

quiet, damp, perfect movie morning, felt like I had just stepped into pride and prejudiceside note: I LOVE that movie!

Mountain folklore says that every foggy morning in August corresponds to the number of snows to expect in the upcoming winter. Locals often place a bean in a jar for every foggy morning (big bean for a heavy fog, and a small bean for a light fog) in August, and then take a bean out after every snow (big bean for a big snow, and a small bean for a light snow) to help predict winter weather.

so next year I’m going to have a jar of beans=)

More August folklore….

“If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long.”

“If a cold August follows a hot July, it foretells a winter hard and dry.”

I have never ever discounted any of the weather lore…not when these “natural forecasters,” have proven to be true time and time again. How could they not be true when they’ve been passed down from sailor to farmer??

Now I know not all lore is accurate, but there are many sayings that prove to be on the mark time and time again. When you study the weather lore out you realize the basics of this predicting method is careful observation that have been made over many many years. Weather lore relies on the notion that there is a strong cause-and-effect relationship between the nature and the weather.

I love the following verse, which all the above research prompted. 

…“When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’; and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.” Matthew 16:2-3


Who said you wouldn’t learn anything new today=)




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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Sept 17 – Sept 23

Hi everyone!

This week I’ve been trying to get my schedule back on track. A brief relationship in July knocked me off my normal routine and I spent all August just trying to get motivated to get back on track. Well after that relaxing week in North Carolina with my parents at the beginning of the month…it was just what I needed…I’m happy to say I’m back to my regiment of getting up at 4:30 a.m. and doing my work-out before I head out the door for the day. I make this possible by actually GOING to bed by 10:30 at night. I’m feeling more awake this week and am awaking in the morning by myself (thanks to my wonderful parents for waking me up last week, it’s always a rough start=) It’s so freeing to have so much accomplished before I even start for work. Goodbye to those morning of awaking minutes before I am suppose to be at work.

As you know I LOVE dieting so I’ve been trying this one for ten days…and I’m tempted to go on for thirty…NO gluten, NO sweeteners, NO meat, and NO dairy. I kicked all the starchy vegetables out, as well. So what is left to eat?!?!? lots of veggies…lol actually not much, but it’s been so fun. So far I believe I’ve only eaten a little butter, I think mom had put some on the green beans I ate one evening. At least the tasted like they did. Other than that I haven’t cheated and I’m on day ten=) I’ve been experimenting with quinoa, I actually prepared it once for breakfast – it wasn’t too bad. Have you ever cooked with quinoa? You can prepare veggies a million different ways, but a salad is always the easiest=)

Enjoy the pictures, can’t believe Autumn is here already. And I’ve taken photo-a-day for almost a year!

Day 260


my delicious breakfast=) tomatoes are a breakfast food right???? okay, so I was a bit hungry…hahaIMG_9563-001

Day 261

~everyday I…~

everyday I’m doing one of these workout. I’m loving it! Very intense…IMG_9579-002Day 262


This is sorta embarrassing, but I do work for Amish. This is the light I use in my office (in the mornings) when I don’t want to heat the room up. The gas light is very warm and unless my office is cold I don’t turn it on. Normally I work in a naturally lighted office…I have a lamp by my main desk but that’s all the extra light.IMG_9594-001

Day 263


milkweed pods are all dried out now…JT just loved to open them and watch all the seeds blow away. Who hasn’t done this as a kid?IMG_9740-001

Day 264


Day 265

~out my window~

So here’s another peek into what my world is like. This is my bosses house, right out my office window. He’s been sighting his gun in…haha…all ready for deer season.IMG_9822-001

Day 266


my day was so full! Leaving work to rush home, swallow some dinner, and make it to another lady’s house within the hour. I do some bookkeeping for her. IMG_9833-001

Which photos did you like best??



Monday, September 22, 2014

Color RAD Run 09/06/14

This run was so fun and easy! it makes a world of difference who you run with too…this guy is the BEST running buddy=) pushes me, but still waits on me.

We ran this 5K is just under 20 minutes=) my fastest 3 miles so far.

I woke up to someone making breakfast…my mom had gotten up early so her and dad could go up to Indy with us and watch us run!

my morning face…=)IMG_8663-001IMG_8664-001IMG_8674-001IMG_8684-001He doesn’t look all the way awake to me=)IMG_8694-001my wonderful supportive parents…IMG_8710-001IMG_8714-001IMG_8719-001mom took this…I love it!IMG_8723-001IMG_8727-001IMG_8734-001We were the second two over the finish line=)IMG_8812-001IMG_8819-001IMG_8821-001Here we are with this guy, he was first place=) fast little guyIMG_8823-001

Have you ever run a 5K?



Friday, September 19, 2014

Shipshewana with Christina+Ally =)

At the last minute Ally decide to join us…and you always have a good time when she’s there=)….and she paid for lunch and dinner. she’s the best oldest sister in the entire world!

She had never been to Shipshewana before, I hope she had as much fun as I did. It was probably to best trip up there so far. Lots of laughter and fun sister conversation.

IMG_8538-001My cob salad…it was AMAZING!!!!IMG_8555-001Forgive me – for I have sinned!IMG_8563-001IMG_8573-001This is us…so much fun!IMG_8580-001Then I saw this cart…IMG_8588-001…and she jumped in=)IMG_8591-001IMG_8596-001IMG_8605-001IMG_8617-002IMG_8623-002

It was so much fun! thanks Ally for taking these of her and me=)

by the way…spontaneous would be a word I would use to describe Christina…

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Sept 10 – Sept 16

Vacation plus taking a picture a day equals looking through my pictures at the end of the day hoping there’s one that goes along with the word for that day. Sad I know, but with so much FUN going on it was hard to concentrate on something as simple as taking a picture.

North Carolina was AWESOME…I want to go back!!!!!!

My horse missed me. I missed him. Anyway we’re back together so everyone’s better.

I didn’t know how good our homemade food is, until I went a week without it.

I miss my brothers so much everyday and didn’t realize it until we were together constantly for a week. We even shared a room…”constantly together” took on a whole new meaning=)

We’ll more about this amazing week in a later post.

Trying to pull my life back together wasn’t hard except I never slept didn’t get much sleep while I was in North Carolina, so trying to catch up on that while not at work (yeah I’ve been nodding at my desk) has been difficult.

Day 253

~starts with a ‘B’~

book would be the word=) mom was reading to Isaac on the way out to the smoky mountains and back…reminded me of the many long car trips to and from church as a kid listening to her read these same books. IMG_8894-001

Day 254

~in the distance~

mountains….nothing but mountains everyway you looked=)IMG_8945-001

Day 255


a new place…I love hiking new places and there was so much here to go and see.IMG_9102-001

Day 256

~a friend~

I take for granite the life long friends we are so fortunate to have as siblings. As we get older and life takes on a faster pace and we see less of each other, I forget sometimes how special they are to me. IMG_9341-001

Day 257

~I wish for…~

I wish for many more vacations just like this one, one spent with family!!!IMG_9451-001

Day 258

~my shoes~

these shoe bags were Christina’s idea for an ideal flip flop and sandal storage. IMG_9469-001

Day 259


making my lunch for the next day the night before, has become a routine I try never to skip.IMG_9540-001

So that was my week…in a few pictures.

Which photo do you like best, please comment below and tell me=)