Friday, May 30, 2014

Fire Trucks=)


So last Saturday I went and saw these kids. I could seriously take them all home…they are the most lovely group you’ll ever meet.

While I was there I went along with them (in their 15 passenger van) to the Bargersville Fire Department New Aerial Ladder Truck Dedication ceremony held at the fire station.

We were able to go through the truck and I’ve watch enough movies with fire trucks on them that it was pretty neat to see inside one first hand  - finally.

The fire chief began the meeting explaining what was going to take place. Then all the firefighters laid hands on Aerial 201 as Chaplain Roger Gifford blessed and dedicated the truck to the service of BCFD.  Afterward they commenced with the ceremonial wetting of the aerial. The firefighters and community children and adults then dried it with souvenir towels and pushed it into the bay.

They had cake=) need I say more

also they had a cotton candy machine there and were making cotton candy (imagine that…haha)…I had never understood how this worked, honestly I never cared. Chrystal pulled looked up the history of the machine and the inventors. Absolutely festinating. I learned something new that day=)

I got pictures of it all=) so enjoy!

IMG_1470memorial day (zoo)IMG_1499memorial day (zoo)1IMG_1501IMG_1514IMG_1515memorial day (zoo)2IMG_1535IMG_1537IMG_1546IMG_1555IMG_1558IMG_1562IMG_1564IMG_1565IMG_1567IMG_1571IMG_1576IMG_1582IMG_1588IMG_1598IMG_1601IMG_1599IMG_1608IMG_1611IMG_1616IMG_1618IMG_1625IMG_1627IMG_1631IMG_1633IMG_1637IMG_1641IMG_1645IMG_1648IMG_1651

Afterward they introduced me to Chicago’s Pizza…wow their deep dish pizza is amazing! Oh and they had me try barbecue pizza, now I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called…it had barbecue sauce in place of tomato sauce it was out of this world good=) I was so into the pizza I didn’t even take one picture of it=(

Have a fantastic weekend!



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ May 21-May 27


10 things I learned about myself this week

1. Pennies the best smelling flower to me

2. When my mom’s sick or hurt the house literally stops revolving

3. If I’d slow down in the kitchen I wouldn’t cut myself near as often

4. If I stop tasting the tea right after pouring it, I wouldn’t burn my tongue

5. Chicago’s Pizza has the best pizza ever! I’m literally in love…

6. I have to run at least a mile a day to feel good emotionally

7. If I’m the least bit depressed ride my bike, sure cure

8. The movie Pollyanna makes me glad    PERIOD.

9. Some bugs gross me out so bad I almost start crying…and could if I let myself

10. I absolutely love late night talks with Christina in the dark


Day 141

~up high~IMG_1429-001

Day 142


I got this ornament from one of my best friends…it’s absolutely lovely IMG_1442-001

Day 143


I was so scared to go to this meeting with my investment consultant…but it actually wasn’t half that bad.IMG_1467-001

Day 144


it took me forever to figure out how to do this square again…IMG_1678-001

Day 145

~a tool I used~

on Sunday dad and the boys left for their memorial day weekend fishing trip. I decided to grill some deer stake and potatoes and onions. I burnt the potatoes, but the girls seemed to enjoy it….anyway=)IMG_1699-001

Day 146

~sunshine~ IMG_1741-001

Day 147


riding my bike is the happiest thing in the world for me to do…I feel so cheerful when I get back=)IMG_1995-001

What’s something you do that just makes you happy?

Happy Wednesday=)


Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother’s Day

I know lately I have had a lot of post up about my mom…but bare with me this is the last one…I promise.

To start the day off I made pancakes, so my wonderful mom could sleep in, take a shower or whatever and not have to worry about helping fix breakfast (and she did good, she actually stayed out of the kitchen for once)

Church was packed, almost more people than on Easter Sunday…now I don’t like a service -  where when everyone stands you can’t see the minister. And this was one of those Sundays.

Anyway, enough of my complaining=)

At home all we had to do was fix a salad and decorate the cake. My amazing sister Victoria made Mexican slop and it was piping hot in the crock pot. But since the meal was just so easy to prepare it took us an hour to finally get everything together and sit down for the meal. If you ask me, I think we had too many girls in the kitchen at once=)

After the meal we opened gifts!

Then came the games. We played a trivia game about my mom. We gave her a bowl of questions that me and Christina had come up for her. (stuff we didn’t know…like when was her first date, first kiss, life questions etc.) Mom would read a question and all of us would come up with an answer and write it on a piece of paper…then she would read through all of them and the winner/winners would get a point for their correct answer. I don’t remember exactly but either Jonathan or Grace won this one. It was so neat! I know so much more about my mom now=)

The boys planted the four rose bushes we all bought her and put the sand box in. Dad picked up sand on Thursday for it and now the only thing missing is some kids - to play in it=)

The decorations! Absolutely lovely=)IMG_0759-001IMG_0763-001IMG_0768-001

A few of the party…I was so busy helping with the food etc. I didn’t get too many of this actually. And the party games were so interesting I didn’t use my camera at all then.IMG_0771

I love Samuel’s smile, he hardly smiles in pictures any more. and by that I mean a genuine little boy smile=)IMG_0772IMG_0779

Victoria pretty much rocks at cake making…don’t you think!?!?IMG_0786-001

Putting the sand box in…I love mom and Christina in this one=)IMG_0861-001IMG_0868-001

The many face expressions of Jonathan…oh that just one face expression=) I wonder what he was thinking about.Mothers day=)3IMG_0878-001

My beautiful mom<3IMG_0889-001IMG_0898-002IMG_0901-001

Jonathan doing what he does best - telling his brothers how it’s done=)IMG_0907-001IMG_0914-001IMG_0920-001IMG_0930-001IMG_0931

I seriously would love to know what this was all about….apparently dad wasn’t too impressed to start out with=)IMG_0933-001Mothers day=)4

I love my parents!!!!!!IMG_0937IMG_0938

Oh and I got one! I know they are so rare=)IMG_0944-001

So that was our mom’s special day. What did you do on Mother’s Day? or can you remember?