Wednesday, November 5, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 29–Nov 4

Saturday I spent my entire morning shopping, with mom, for the weekly grocery needs of our large family. I love food shopping!!!! like A LOT! anyway back to what I was saying…so we we’re shopping at Wal-mart (yeah you know you go there too=) And of course they were having huddles of sales, on pumpkins/costumes etc., since it was the day after Halloween. They were selling decorative “pumpkins” for $0.25 a piece. They looked like squash and since I’m an avid dieter I’ve tried a ton of different kinds of squash. (side note: anything in the squash family is like my favorite food) I looked these “pumpkins” up on my phone and our guess was correct! They were not pumpkins at all but a bunch of different kinds of squash…edible squash at that..selling as “decorative pumpkins”. So we loaded our cart full…sure people looked at us funny…we couldn’t help but laugh as our cart filled up, haha! But hey, squash last forever and it SOOOOO good! So why not! It’s been awesome tasting all the different kinds=)

Saturday afternoon I spent in the kitchen cooking. Everything I made turned out horribly. Like these apple cheesecakes and well Isaac didn’t like them. And I swear Christina ate them and said she liked them to be nice. I made several other things that were flops as well…but I’ll just leave it at: “Always taste desserts while making them for the first time, to insure a yummy outcome.” So I quit and focused on my dad’s businesses book work…for the remainder of my squander afternoon.

Monday morning’s workout left me feeling great about working out. I love this new workout program I’ve been doing (click here to see it) but last week I was a bit under the weather and couldn’t really get into it. I was more like just going through the motions, then getting a good workout in. But Monday I did beta Speed 2.0…oh my lands!!!! I felt great while and after doing it. Not to mention the speed workouts have always been my favorites, though. It was a perfect start to my week.

Oh and now my option on daylight savings time…I like it in the fall, a lot better than in the spring. Even though at nine thirty I’m wiped out…I wake up at 4:30 with a breeze, my body thinks it’s 5:30…shhhhh don’t tell me that it isn’t=) But other than that, I. DO. NOT. LIKE. IT.

News from the family: Samuel moved to Nashville Tennessee on Thursday. He came to my office to tell me bye. After several hugs and tears from both party's, he was off. Gosh! I miss him so much! We’re the youngest and have always hung together. Our saying was “Us four and no more”. We watched movies together, stayed up late talking, danced together, (perfect guy/girl ratio here…haha) car rides, etc. (we all liked the same music, which of course the older people in the family hate don’t care for) Always trying to find time amidst our busy adult work schedules to be together. Now he’s not here…it’s almost like what’s stopping me from finding my own place as well. Life isn’t the same without him.  I’ve talked to him almost everyday…he misses home as much as we miss him. Wishing you all the success life has to offer Samuel. I love you more!

On to the pictures=)

Day 302

~a shape~

I love this time of year! Apples everywhere=) apple pie, cider, apple dumplings, apple butter, apple’n peanut butter, apple sauce, apple’n onions and then you can’t beat a plain ol’ raw apple=) The last one…raw…is definitely the best! but the apple’n onions are a close second.IMG_4521-2

Day 303


this guy really is every bit of that word=) I still haven't outgrown my obsession with stuffed animals…even though this is the last one still on display in our room. Christina made me put ALL the others away. The life of an adult…it’s actually just pretend. IMG_4532-2

Day 304

~what I wore~

I don’t celebrate Halloween, so no costume photo here…just what I wore to work. IMG_4544-2

Day 305


So this is the aftermath of my labors on Saturday…the only photo worthy one=)IMG_4575-2

Day 306


Looking through a 91 year old woman’s recipe book/box was one of the highlights of my weekend=) IMG_4607-2

Day 307


After work on Monday I rushed down and cleaned all the stalls of the harness horses and jogged my five. Came back and fed my horses and hurried (a half and hour drive) to Linda’s house to stuff over two hundred invitations into envelopes. And yes I licked EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I wouldn’t have had to if my brain would have been working…but it wasn’t because I still hadn’t eaten dinner and it was 10:30 oops I mean 9:30 time change again…I won’t get into this again=) I practically fell into bed at 12:50 (sounds so much better than 1:00 am) after finishing my dad’s business work…that patiently waits for me every night.IMG_4698-2

Day 308


My sister…yeah she is=) Hannah doesn’t eat veggies ever! and let me repeat never…haha except for rare occasions like this. Last night she was eating salad, because we had ranch dressing left from the weekend…haha. She’ll kill me for this. IMG_4714-2

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Please let me know which photo’s you enjoy the most?




  1. Great photos and you are becoming a very good writer.

    1. Thanks Tim...I'm learning how to be myself through something that doesn't come naturally at all. It's a struggle, but I'm learning=)

  2. I think my fav is "Aftermath" it looks so cool. Why did Samuel move to TN? ~Hannah

    1. He's going there to start singing=)