Thursday, September 24, 2015

casey crocker’s mini apple pies

So here we are again, another Autumn is upon us. What better way to welcome in this season but by baking up something special with apples!

I don’t know what I enjoy most about fall…is it the weather, the clothes or the wonderful food?!?!? Which is it for you? For me it would have to be….hummmmm….okay I can’t decide =)

For me fall also includes hunting, which I know doesn’t apply to everyone…but with these crisp mornings, I can hardly think of any thing else but sitting in a stand watching the sunrise and of course seeing deer. But I’ll stop before I bore you all.

My brilliant Casey came up with this super quick and easy recipe to include in our coffee date, turned cooking date, a few weeks ago. We had so much to catch up on…she’s literally been on vacation the entire month of August and I’ve been honestly very busy myself. (Traveling, home remolding etc.) Resulting in July and August being skipped entirely with a post to include in the casey crocker blog series. But no worries we're both back, refreshed and with lots of ideas. 

PicMonkey CollageIMG_4582

I seriously couldn’t stop with these green apples, I loved the color so much – I decided to paint a wall of my laundry room this color=)


Casey’s blue dress was just stunning on her=) I just love the contrast between the green and blues in the photos. She has a way of always wearing the perfect color for our little cooking sessions. 

apple coringIMG_4626

Doesn’t this picture look heavenly?!?! I'll just take one...just like this=)


She had extra of everything, so she made this darling pie=)


With her fabulous Starbucks choice=) Ice Caramel Macchiato….


I love this part of our cooking dates=) I get to lay my camera aside and sit beside Casey on the couch and talk about life…it’s, hands down, the highlight of my afternoons with this lovely =)


These turned out wonderful! I love the Autumn feel of Casey’s photo setup.



 isn’t she lovely?!?!?

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Enjoy your early Autumn weather. Before long we'll be racking leaves and digging sweet potatoes.    Snatch this the time to do all those things you’ve put off or haven't been able to do all summer. Or fall cleaning is always a good idea. I'm just about done with my spring list, and here's fall....I guess I'll just skip my summer " to do" and move on to the fall. But seriously where has this year gone? 

Anyway happy Thursday! and remember to check out Casey's blog for the recipe and directions to this fabulous little yummy. 

…and until next time=)