Friday, November 7, 2014

camouflaged cupcakes and a birthday party

I love, let me repeat LOVE, to plan a party. And I feel like I’m pretty good at it…

… well at least I FELT like I was, that was until Jamie. Now that she’s came along, I KNOW I’m not very good at all, haha. Because who can compete with the best?!?!? Let me back up and introduce Jamie. Jamie is my brother Jonathan’s girlfriend. (Pictured below, and I know I’m bias, but aren’t they cute together?)  Wow this girl can plan a party. And still she looked beautiful that night…I need to work on that part: plan, execute and look good for the event. Beside everything else I need to learn from this fantastic woman=)

All I had to do was make the cupcakes…with Victoria’s help, of course. We made camouflage cupcakes…inspired by this (they looked so much better than ours, oh well we tried…and we had fun-which is the most important part! Right?!?!?) Mom snapped some pictures of us. And yes we don’t wear aprons…I only think to wear one when I start cooking in the morning. We made these late Friday night, so no aprons it was….if you spill something, you’re changing in a few anyways=) We made the icing together the following morning and we got covered with powdered sugar…again no aprons. And you’d think we would have learned our lesson…wrong…haha.

The theme she picked, was perfect for this family, camouflage…for JT’s seventh birthday party=) We have enough of this colored clothing between us all, to probably cloth our entire neighborhood, not that we would of course…haha…we don’t part with our camo very easy. Jamie brought all the decorations (I could so get used to this!…did I mention that she’s amazing…no well I’ll do it now, she’s REALLY amazing) I worked late that night, jogging horses, so I only made it to the party…but that’s the Best Part. Most of JT’s gifts…were, you guessed it, camo=) Jamie’s decorating his room in he got a lot of stuff along those lines. Seeing my, now, seven year old nephew opening these kind of gifts and truly appreciating them was something=) My favorite moment of the night was when he opened this coat, Jamie bought for him. He got so excited he jumped down. from the chair he was standing on, and ran over and hugged her tight around the waist. My heart melted, too adorable!


A lot of camo…huh?!?!?!

My family is the best! I’ve always happiest when I’m with them. Most of the time it’s just so I don’t miss out on any of the drama…it’s never fun to hear about it second hand=)

I’m just loving this cold weather…scarves and boots are my favorite=)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. That looks like so much fun! You girls did a great job on the cupcakes! They look amazing! ~Hannah

    1. Thanks Hannah, making things with your siblings is always great fun!

  2. Never seen those before. you girls did a great job.

  3. Those cupcakes look great! Good pictures!