Monday, November 17, 2014


Totally love. love. love. these!!!!!

I was absolutely freezing in the tree on Saturday, it was only 12 degrees!!!! I held out till eleven and headed to the house. Isaac even joined me…so that proves it was actually cold, not just a girl thing=)

Sitting up there…hand shoved deep into my pockets and still no warmer. (I forgot me hand/body warmers) My feet, even my legs were sooo cold. But I made it and am here to tell the sorry tale…haha. Isaac went back out, but I had had enough and went shopping for coverall, winter clothing etc. I don’t know why?!?!?!?….lol

This is the only time when doing absolutely nothing, doesn’t bother me. I just sit there and look at the world around me and think. I could do it all day…if it’s not too cold.

This was taken right when the sun had begun to rise…there is nothing more beautiful!IMG_4991-2

The only animal I saw all day were squirrels…fascinating creatures! but they better not start yelling at me…=)IMG_4997-2IMG_5001-2

I hope today has been a good start to your week so far. I’m not sure if it has been for me….lol…it’s been a bit stressful actually…but I’m hanging in there.

Here’s to a week that can only go up from here=)


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