Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Dec 24-31

And here is my LAST photo-a-day post!!!! I can’t believe it=)

Christmas was aMAZing!!!!! I will share more on this fabulous day and picture in a post on Friday…

I don’t know what I will be doing in the new year photography wise….to be honest this photo-a-day really burnt me out and I’m looking forward to not having to take a picture for a while. like not even picking up my camera will be so nice!

So today is New Year’s Eve!!!! And I’m so excited about what will be coming up in the following year….this year rocked! but I’m ready to see it go and begin a fresh start in 2015. Sounds weird saying two thousand and fifteen, doesn’t it?? but by April we should have stopped writing 14 instead of 15..haha=)


Day 358


Christina went to an Amish taffy pull, my siblings were snacking in this stuff all weekend long. IMG_6878-2

Day 359


This is the aftermath of our gift opening procedure=) boy was it fun! IMG_7072-2

Day 360


Christina gave me these for Christmas and I’m in love!!!IMG_7162-2

Day 361


they started on a new puzzle and it still looks about like this…lol I guess it was a difficult one.IMG_7193-2

Day 362


this guy! is absolutely dreamy=)IMG_7205-2

Day 363


Day 364


Day 365


instead of ice skating this year I went and saw a movie with this guy=) brothers are the best!IMG_7264-2

I did it! I took one picture (at least) a day for 365 days and I’m sooooooo glad it’s over. But it was fun=) and now I can say I did it!

Happy Wednesday!!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Dec 17-23

I’m sitting here partially watching Christmas movies with my parents, they just finished number two for the night and it’s 11:30. way passed my bedtime. But this is what I love about this season…the late family movie nights. Listening to my parents laugh and everyone just enjoying being together. I’m soaking up this time, because I know soon it will be gone. This next year will probably hold many changes for me, good ones but changes that will take this away once and for all.

Last weekend I felt like I met with two every good friends to have a bit to eat and exchange Christmas gifts. They are absolutely such dears…I’ve gotten through a lot of hard spots in my life by having them near.

So far this weeks been amazing! And loads of fun….I made tons and tons of Christmas treats…and I can’t wait to enjoy them on Thursday with the rest of my family. Christmas is so close and work is so demanding…sometimes I feel like saying “can this wait till Monday, tomorrow Christmas” =)


Day 351


I know that there isn’t another person in the world who would think of this picture first for the word cozy. But there’s nothing better to me then all the horses in their stalls munching on their grain, in the evening. IMG_6767-2

Day 352


Sugar cookies from our Amish neighbors=) IMG_6773-2

Day 353

~number 19~

this one’s pretty lame, but oh well…it’s the number nineteen right?!?!?IMG_6787-2

Day 354


a gift from another one of my friends a dessert candy, it smells soooo good! But Christina doesn’t appreciate the smell at all.IMG_6815-2

Day 355

~3 o’clock~

picked up my computer at 3:00 on Sunday!!! It felt like I was whole again….not really that bad, haha. But I sure missed it.IMG_6826-2

Day 355


We never did the stocking thing growing up, so the best I could do for this picture was take one of my stocking feet, but those aren’t really stocking either. Oh well! let’s just forget this picture even happened.IMG_6849-2

Day 356


gifts for all of my dad’s employees=) I received a text from my brother this morning telling me how much the guys loved their boxes=) Perfect Christmas gift ever, Amish goodies=)IMG_6870-2

I’ve been baking a ton this year and have a lot more baking ahead of me tonight…I had to work all day today, kinda makes me sad…I don’t want to be an adult around Christmas time.


why my Christmas Eve isn’t what I expected….


This Christmas Eve’s memory will be dampened by the death of Duke. He’s been with us, since 2000. I actually can’t even remember the time, he wasn’t around. Those kind eyes, the funny way he howled when we came home, and all that fur (it smelled bad, but hey now it doesn’t seem so bad).

I was the one that drove him to the vet, to have him…well…I don’t like to say it…so you get the idea. Leaving him there was horrible…but when they told us to say goodbye, it was almost too much!

So here’s to all the wonderful memories with, this lovely creature we named Duke.  I feel like every single piece of my childhood is slowly but surely fading…and the passing of Duke is no exception.  All the walks in the woods, and all the times he’d go swimming or fishing with us, this list could go on and on. I miss that place and that time so much! Oh well it’s part of growing up, I guess…and these are the painful parts.


Goodbye Duke…I loved you!






Christmas is tomorrow! So smile=)



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

casey crocker’s No Bake Cake Batter Truffles

“Welcome, winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath makes me lazy, but I love you nonetheless.” –Terri Guillemets

It’s officially WINTER!!!!! yay! we a have few months a head of us that will be stuffed full with cozy clothes, warm drinks, lots of comfort foods, sweets and bunches of family time. I mean we’ve already started the “every nights a movie night” thing here at my house. I can’t possible watch them all with them, but I’m starting to fall asleep listening to classic Christmas movies like “It’s a wonderful life”.

Casey and I decided on these delicious Truffles for Christmas, something simple yet so yummy! These would be perfect as a last minute treat to add to your Christmas Day goodies or even to make with the kids=) These would be simple perfect for any Holiday party.

Casey cooks with such ease, it simply amazes me! Never rushes or makes mistakes. Definitely the model cook=)

Check out the recipe over on Casey’s blog=) be sure to let her what you think!


IMG_5600-2IMG_5602-2IMG_5609-2IMG_5620-2By far my favorite picture of them all=)IMG_5631-2IMG_5633-2IMG_5650-2IMG_5658-2IMG_5669-2IMG_5670-2IMG_5684-2I blinked every. single. time. she hit the table with this, surprisingly I got one clear picture=)IMG_5712-2It smelled so good! The peppermint….IMG_5724-2IMG_5733-2IMG_5737-2IMG_5747-2IMG_5846 (2)IMG_5846-2IMG_5851-2IMG_5854-2IMG_5866-3IMG_5867-2IMG_5872-2IMG_5876-2So lovely!IMG_5883-2IMG_5904-2IMG_5910-2IMG_5913-2IMG_5938-2IMG_5940-2

I ate one…no maybe two…they were absolutely perfect!

What Holiday treats have you been making lately