Monday, November 3, 2014

Kids playing for real

As a kid when I wasn’t doing my chores, I would normally be found playing outside. I had a constant supply of playmate in my siblings. With ten of them who wouldn’t =) We played house (in an old chicken house, my sister “remodeled” ), baked mud pies, had corncob wars, rode our bikes in “rodeos”, climbed trees as ships, played ‘hide-go-seek’ after dark in the fall, kick ball was our go to game in the spring, and I could go on and on naming the different things we did growing up.

But then again I was a loner at heart and a morning person. I enjoyed waking early in the morning and skip to the pasture for my morning visit with the farmer’s cow and calves. (we lived on 400 acres in the middle of no where) I would sit for hours to just tame that one calf. As I got older I took up bird watching and then I would be drawling birds, while sitting on a log in the middle of a bluebell patch. Now that I’ve mentioned the bluebells, I love picking wild flowers and would wait impatiently for the first to bloom in the early spring, running out each day to check to see if it had opened. When it did I’d carry it proudly to my mom and hold it behind my back and ask “do you love me?” before showing her my treasure. I still remember walking through that pasture, so quiet. No sound other than the birds singing and grass waving in the wind. In the middle of this wonderful picture was little me, soaking up the blue sky…all alone in my world…a perfect world.

All of this was done when the weather was nice…when the weather wasn’t conducive to outdoor play we resorted to blocks (that my dad made) and old fashion fisher price people/sets. We built barns and farms, castle and large mansions. Or we were in a wild west town, then it was bank robbing and bad guy chasing=) Normally playing something around what book mom was reading to us at the time or what we were studying in history. I always had animals – I’ve always wanted to be self sufficient, young dreams never die=)

So when I saw all these kids (children of the horse people at the state fair) playing with all these horses, while the rain poured down outsider I couldn’t help but travel down “memory lane” once again=) Took me back to a time before cell phones and video games. Back to a time when kids entertained themselves instead of needing something do the thinking for them. To the time when I was young…btw: I had fantastic set of parent to raise me like that=)


I just loved these=)

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of childhood reminiscing… 



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