Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bahamas Cruise (part 3) …food=) and wildlife


It was everywhere! And it was sooo good… There were specialty restaurants on board, some were included and others had a small additional fee. They were so much fun to eat at! These were only open at certain times. A buffet was open all day and a snack bar opened at 11:00 pm with even better looking treats.  Okay I don’t think your really getting the picture=) There was ice cream all day whenever you wanted it…all kinds of fruit, you could order pizza (even to your room) 24 hours a day. Dessert and regular food everywhere. Insane! Yeah we gained a little some weight…=) and we were smiling until we came home and looked in the mirror and we instantly quit smiling. Thankfully it’s winter here and we could just put our sweater on until we became our normal selves again=)

So moral of the story is if you don’t like food don’t go on a cruise=) Seriously! All the waiters were like “forget your diet for a few days, and enjoy ALL this food” really?!?!?! But it was so much fun…...we tried all different kinds of food, that we had never ate before. I even tried things I didn’t know how to eat! I’m just a poor country girl=)

My first taste of shrimp. I was raised vegetarian and still hold to most of my up bring when it comes time to what meats I will eat, so this was a one time deal. Something I won’t be able to eat very much, it was SO good! We ate this at the most adorable Chinese restaurant in Miami Sunday night. food

True to our country roots we snack on Beef Jerky while waiting for a taxi to take us to portIMG_5323

See what I said! This was my first meal on the ship…I broke several brackets of my braces off on an apricot pit the second morning on board. So I struggled the rest of the time with chewing, if I wasn’t careful I would bite down on metal. Not fun!IMG_5403


Christina’s plate. our personality differences show even in our food preferences=) christinas

Here’s a look at the buffet=) DessertsIMG_6349

Main dishes…mash potatoes, chicken, gravy, pork and beans etc.IMG_6350

Cheese (any kind you liked)IMG_6352

Mediterranean salad station IMG_6353


Even hot soup…anything you wanted just look and they’d have it…crazy!IMG_6356

Me in the buffet line…IMG_5413

A perfect piece of cheese cake, you can almost taste it=)IMG_7032-001


I had just finished running this morning and Christina joined me for breakfast. (she still looks a bit asleep)IMG_5577

On the first Island (Great Sirrup Cay) we had a complementary barbecue on shore for lunch. Here they were loading this boat early that morning with food to take ashore and prepare for the cruisers. It was the best meal of the entire trip, I thought. A lot of familiar foods. IMG_5580

On shore, this was in between the dessert and main food tables. Isn’t that watermelon just lovely. And just to think to someone in this world this is easy and they do it all the time. IMG_5771

Silverware was on every table. You just filled your plate and went and sat down. Also there was no place to take your empty plate. You would just leave it on the table and walk off. The servers cleared the tables all day long.IMG_5864

We drank tea together every night. This night we were outside. Listening to the waves and looking at the star soaked sky above. couldn’t have been more perfect!IMG_5867

Christina’s breakfast out on our balcony one morning (I had gotten up early to work out) You could order breakfast to your room…I know we were spoiled. IMG_5916

A juice stand on shore..we almost got coconut water once, but it didn’t go through with it.IMG_6411

Waiting on our food, in the only local restaurant suggested by the cruise line to go to on shore. It was strongly recommended that you didn’t eat the local food. IMG_6414




Jerky again. (airport snack) we bought this for when we were on the three hour flight from Miami to Cleveland Ohio. As you can see it made it to the hotel room.IMG_7113

The pictures below are of some of the wildlife I saw! I couldn’t get over the green vegetation. A nature photographer’s haven. I loved the differences from home in the terrain and animals.



Christina and I headed out to find the light house on the Great Stirrup Cay island.  We walked for a good 45 minutes on a dirt road/trail Just the two of us and all this new untamed world around us. Weird looking plants growing along the path. Bird singing that I had never heard before. We didn’t make it to the lighthouse, stopping before leaving the Norwegian Cruise property line marker…being by ourselves we thought it best not to continue.IMG_5796




an iguana!IMG_5809-001

Here’s another one, kidda far away but I just loved this one against the blue sky.IMG_5816

Flowers around town in downtown Nassau IMG_6272



Seagulls were every where. On the boat if you left your plates unattended, on the deck, they were try and steal your food. I couldn’t help but think of a book that my mom read me as a child, Thy Friend Obadiah. I loved this book and with it came a life long love for seagulls. IMG_6290






Some beautiful shells some of the local fishermen were trying to sell us.IMG_6293


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the food I ate and wildlife I saw on my vacation.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. the pictures are great Olivia. Got to say the cheese sure did look great.

    1. Yeah it did...and it was! =) thanks tim

  2. Very nice pictures. I'm already looking forward to the nex t :-))

    1. Awe thanks I'm glad your enjoying this set of post=) thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice. The shells remind me of conch fritters, yum! I ate all the food in all the places. Got sick sometimes but that's part of the adventure.

    1. Sound very exciting! I've never had conch fritters before....

  4. Victoria AthertonMarch 20, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    Wow, where do I start?!!! I love the carved watermelon... looks so amazing! I also like the iguanas (kinda reminds me of "Master and Commander"... sure wanna see one of those someday) and the one of all of the seagulls lined up on that concrete wall. They look like they are on sentry duty or something. It's funny because they reminded me of that book too! A childhood favorite :)