Monday, August 11, 2014

Boating on Brookville Lake

My boss bought a new boat and was really impatient to get it in the water. Sooo only a week after he bought it we went to Brookville lake to try it out. This was actually my first time to go boating. like ever! Annnnddd I loved it! haha=) It was the perfect evening for it. Warm out, but just cool enough to make it extremely comfortable. This lake is pretty big, but just remote enough to have loads of wildlife around…

It was an absolutely perfect evening…I came to the conclusion I could do this every night=)

Here’s our trip through my lens….


Isaac and Christina taking a selfyIMG_4952-001IMG_4953-001IMG_4955-001IMG_4965-001She really was having a good time, just shy in front of the camera=)IMG_4966-001IMG_4974-001IMG_4978-001This deer came out of the woods with her twin fawns…they still had spots=)IMG_4999-001…she got a bit nervous the closer we cameIMG_5003-001IMG_5006-001IMG_5007-001…then decided we were way too close and they disappeared again.IMG_5012-001IMG_5020-001IMG_5024-001IMG_5029-001IMG_5030-001This guy had SOOOO much fun, I heard about all the way home=)IMG_5037-001me <3IMG_5039-001IMG_5052-001IMG_5055-001IMG_5056-001So when the water calls…IMG_5057-001you jump in=)IMG_5058-001and yeah I joined him…IMG_5063-001IMG_5074-001We dried off, almost, completely by the wind, before we had to get in the truck.1512471_271799989673394_8459953218173361881_n10320260_271799929673400_5965983241765209868_nsisters…and best friends10492027_271800076340052_8303030725324688747_nIMG_5083-001there were a bunch of blue herons…so I just snapped away=)IMG_5115-001IMG_5151-001IMG_5164-001The evening suns reflection on the water…IMG_5182-001IMG_5190-001

On our way home we stopped at Subway for a fun dinner and with music blaring we made our way home.

Happy Monday!!!!