Tuesday, November 11, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 5 - Nov 11

It’s like Autumn had to prove she’s really here to stay. And after last night, with temperatures of well below thirty degrees, I’m a firm believer. It felt so good under my covers=) I was raised in a really cold mildly chilly home, with only one main stove to heat our entire house in the winter. It wasn’t a problem, we just wore more clothes. It was none of this short sleeve/short stuff I see around our house during the winter, now-a-days. And personality I prefer a chilly house to a too warm one. I like to actually sleep under a ton of covers in the winter. As you can tell I’m still trying to adjusting to this central heating in our new home.

My weekend was great! I’m one of those weird people who has a good weekend ONLY when everything goes according to my schedule. And this one stuck closer to my written plan than one has for a long while. Friday night I went to Isaac’s ballgame. Saturday I cook all morning. I made these chocolate chip cookies, which tasted more like a scone to me, but they were fantastic! This pumpkin roll was my first ever…never have tried to make something this complicated before. I was told tasted heavenly. I don’t believe it lasted past Monday morning. And lastly I made these burgers, after I got used to the hummus flavor – I enjoyed them=) but no one else wanted any so I had that for dinner as well and lunch the following day. I don’t think I’ll ever make them again…I’m just not a huge fan of hummus. That night I went coon hunting, for the first time. A huge ordeal for me, if I liked dogs more I might buy myself a hound and seriously take up this sport..haha! Sunday church and a couple hour horseback ride, with Lynnell, that evening. Like clockwork it all fit together.

Last night I stayed up late baking cookies…for my MaryKay provider’s (Linda), fall MK open house. I won’t go into detail explaining what all I made, but I’ll just share with you these guys, they were desperately cute. Both batches I made, I did something wrong, but it was so fun and my siblings will enjoy them=) I baked well past one in the morning and let me tell you, pulling myself out of bed this morning was a chore. Christina was so kind as to help me, until this ungodly hour…I love her=) She’s so much help. And since we’ve both just finished reading the Nicholas Spark’s books, all we want to do is watch the movies…again. They ended up being the main topic of conversation, she always pulls the true girly side of me out. Whenever we’re together we seem to end up listening to some kind of music and mostly this time of year she agrees to listen to my favorite – and that would be Christmas music. She had me listen to this song (because we were in the Nicholas Spark’s movie spirit) and it’s so stuck in my head today=) I could seriously do this all day, everyday, and never get tired of it. Cook and hang with my sis.

Day 308

~favorite place~

I missed my morning workout and all day I couldn’t wait to get home…my favorite place that day was standing in my room after my energizing workout.IMG_4730-2

Day 310


I spent the night at our Amish neighbors…so. much. fun. I didn’t have a light, here I am using my phone flashlight to take this, in the only mirror in the house.=) yeah I’m in the bathroom.IMG_4733-2

Day 311

~in the past~

In the past Isaac’s played for the Eagle (yellow and black) This year he’s in red, for the Warriors. A new year, a new high school basketball team and new friends for my brother.IMG_4742-2

Day 312

~tonight I am…~

Tonight I am coon hunting…=) wish it wasn’t something you did at night, because I sure would have loved to take some pictures out there.IMG_4766-2

Day 313

~upside down~

He’s been trying to teach me how to do these “upside down” pushups, lately. Hopefully one day (soon) I’ll be able too.IMG_4795-2

Day 314


It’s beautiful outside! warm with a slight breeze. We started jogging horses early so I got to watch the sunset. Instead of counting the stars…=)IMG_4815-2

Day 315


Baking cookies, what I ever did in the kitchen before Victoria bought this will always be a mystery…haha! I love it, it makes mixing so much easier and effective.  IMG_4847-2

Happy Wednesday!!! XOXO

Which photo is your favorite?



  1. always enjoy your pictures and story. But hummus Burgers? Oh my!