Friday, February 28, 2014

Bahamas Cruise (part 1) …travel and places we stayed

Okay so here we go…the first of five post that are coming from my trip to the Bahamas. I took over two thousand pictures and sorting them is really hard. If you can imagine=)

So this is pictures all the airports, planes, hotels, places we slept etc. I had my camera around my neck for seven days straight. Definitely a first for me=) It was weird - we’d sit down to eat and I was always looking for a place to set my camera.

It was a great experience.

This was this country girls first time on a plane…I didn’t know what to expect. And Christina was of no help it was her first time as well. We felt so out of place or you could say comfort zone…you can read about my customs experience here. We had pretty small planes on three of our four flights. Our ears popped…Christina’s worse than mine.

We had a guy with “ant in his pants” sitting in front of us on the first flight…seriously this guy couldn't sit still at all. He fell asleep once for a bit, then the stuartist woke him up to ask if he wanted a something to drink….SERIOUSLY! Not him, let him sleep… 

On our second flight from Newark to Miami was three hours…and we have a baby in the back that won’t stop crying (unless he could run in the aisle.) I not particularly fond of children in this phase of my life and a crying one is definitely hard for me to handle.

We didn’t have seats together on our third flight from Miami to Cleveland…that was hard and we couldn’t even text of course. I was seated near the front and Christina was in the very back of the plane. We had a lot of turbulence on that one…I knew she was freaking out, and it made it worse for her that I wasn’t with her. I felt sorry for the person sitting next to her=)

Our fourth flight was amazing…it was over way to fast=)


Both of us Sunday morning before heading to the airport…scared but excited. IMG_5236


Our dad took us to the airport (it started to snow that morning on top of a slight thaw and the roads were super slick) He stayed with us until we had to go through security. It meant a lot to have him there. He was the last person we saw from our family leaving and the first we saw on our return. Gotta love an awesome dad=)IMG_5249

I think she was about as nervous as she looked…=)IMG_5260





That night we stayed in a hotel in Miami…we couldn’t board our ship until noon the next dayIMG_5309

Elevator…and who doesn’t like to take pictures in an elevator?!?!IMG_5313

Over looking Miami from our hotel window. My first view of palm trees…they are amazing! IMG_5318


it was so warm=)IMG_5348




Okay here’s our stateroom on the ship. Yeah we shared a bed… Our temperature was always off. We had come from below zero degree weather to tropical heat. For the first couple of days whenever I was inside I was freezing from the air conditioning. The result Christina was always boiling in our room…sorry girl! Our room was really tiny feeling when we first stepped in, but after a few hours we didn’t feel that way anymore….except for the bathroom that never felt big=)IMG_5414



The first night we couldn’t figure out how to use the hot water… we both took freezing showers. Then the next morning we called and got it all figured out. Such an easy fix, we felt dumb for not figuring it out ourselves. IMG_7086

The precious TY. the only “electronic” we had for the four days on the cruise and half of the cannels were in Spanish. IMG_7092

This is kinda hard to see but that’s the bathroom door to the right of the picture and the closet on the left. And that red door is the door to the hall way. Can you start to get an idea of how tight it was?IMG_5968

On the way home…the airport in Cleveland Ohio had these huge paper airplanes hanging from the celling.IMG_7094


Our flight was canceled due to the weather so after we stood in line for several long hours at the service desk, we claimed our luggage and headed to a hotel for the night.   IMG_7096

It was so nice to sleep in separate beds and in a large room…we just stood there and were like our room on the ship was so small or this is huge=)IMG_7107

We went to the Cleveland mall for fun that night…and ate Thai food, nothing beats that!IMG_7120


No we didn’t buy these…IMG_7126

The next morning. We had service! =)IMG_7140

I loved Cleveland. Such a neat town…couldn’t believe I’d never been there. I think I was just glad to be surrounded with people who spoke the same language as me. In Miami and on the ship we were the minority. IMG_7174

The next day our 12:00 pm flight was delayed twice. I was tired of airport food by this time (more like the price of airport So were sitting there and starting to think that this flight might be cancelled and we might have to wait one more day to get home…

and then over the airport speakers Michael Buble began to sing “Home” …perfect just what we needed. This verse of the song that I had never paid attention to took on a whole new meaning that day.

…”Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky, I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home”

On our fourth and final flight=) HOMEWARD BOUND!!! This was a very short flight, we ate chocolates, talked and laughed.IMG_7195

Traded phones and listened to each others play list…so fun=)IMG_7199

From the wind window…Indy never looked so good.IMG_7201


IMG_7210Just traveling was a big part of the trip and if we’d had done nothing more than this I would have still enjoyed this trip very much! Christina is an awesome travel companion and I can’t thank her enough for taking off work to join me. As my best friend it was awesome to get to share these experiences together.



  1. Great pictures Olivia. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. Nice and funny to read. I'm looking forward to part 2 ;-)

    1. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it=) you make it worth my time=)

  3. Good Job Olivia!! I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to all the rest of the pictures!!

    1. I'm glad you did and thanks so much! They will be coming up soon=)

  4. Traveling is exciting, great pictures of the masks and airport art.

  5. Wow... I love the way you put that together!!! Blow by blow... Makes me remember those couple days when we were waiting, waiting.... for you both to come home. So glad you finally made it home safe and sound!!! Love you girls ;)