Monday, November 10, 2014

the End to the Finish

I’ve wrote about this process here and here….

…a week ago I finally did the last thing, I had to do with it. I took this quilt to Ohio to show the, 91 year old, woman (Bernice B, who gave me the pattern and inspiration) the finished product. We spent a delightful Sunday afternoon with her and her daughter Bea.

Among many the other things, this woman is known for is her cooking. My family still makes the egg noodles that she gave us the recipe for, years ago. So while mom and Bernice talked…Bea, Ally and I were busy looking through all her recipes. All written down, over the years, in her beautiful handwriting.


And this was her reaction to my quilt…lol need I say more???? IMG_4608-2After looking over it she looked up with a smile on her face and said, …”well I give you an A+…” IMG_4615-2IMG_4623-2IMG_4626-2IMG_4631-2

Mom, coming along, made Bernice’s day it’s been years since they’ve seen each other.IMG_4638-2A quilt that she made…mine is pathetic in comparison… IMG_4640-2IMG_4650-2

This was my parents house when they lived in Ohio. Behind Bernice S. house at the end of a long lane. I guess it used to be white, back when, but since then the siding has been striped off.IMG_4659-2Ally and mom we’re remembering back and kept telling me…”get a picture of that”…lolIMG_4661-2IMG_4664-2IMG_4679-2

And on the way home I saw my “dream house” and managed to get this picture of it=) Minus the bushes around it, it is perfect! I totally want to look through those little windows, up in the attic. There must be ton’s of rooms in this house…I’ve always wanted to live in Ohio=) hahaIMG_4682-2

So that goal is checked off! It’s a good feeling. Thanks Ally for all your help to make this possible. But I will never quilt again, it’s just not my thing.

What are your week plans?