Friday, October 31, 2014

Caroline+Ora & Teeni+Joni

Brothers and their wives=)

It was the first time I put a time limit on my photography session. I only had an hour and we hurried through it. I liked it because I didn’t get tired or run out of ideas. Also they don’t have time to be uncomfortable because we had to go fast. I missed having a second person with me on these. Christina where were you?1?!?! Taking the pictures then trying to set up the next ones. And not to mention this was my first time taking pictures of a baby…his mom made his little shirt, totally squeezes my heart.  I say I was nervous for these is an understatement…I was terrified…haha, but I think it went well.




I was hoping this would be my last photo-shoot for 2014 but it looks like I might have a few more on my plate because they spread the word…haha



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 22–Oct 28

This week I passed 300 days of taking a “photo-a-day” felt sooo good! I only have 64 days left =)

Joseph had a party at his house on Friday evening. He just bought this house (it’s his first) and decided to throw a house warming game night =) For the bit of time I was there, I had a wonderful time. Euchre was my game of choice for the night =) I left early to have time to make cupcakes and still get to bed at a decent hour. (I volunteered to work the following day) I wouldn’t say twelve is a decent hour, but it’s slightly better than what it could have been.

Victoria and I made camouflaged cupcakes together for JT’s birthday party, Saturday night, pictures coming soon=) It was awesome to learn the process of making something from a box mix. It’s true! honestly I’ve always cooked from scratch so this is new territory for me. She also taught me how to make icing…now that is something I could really get into.

October seems to be so full of birthdays for this family…it’s our fullest “ birthday month”  of the year. After JT’s party I stayed up even later making Apple Dumplings for Joseph’s birthday party the following afternoon. They were heavenly, I actually ate one this time =)  We spent the afternoon playing scatagory. So. Much. Fun.

These photo’s looked a bit rushed, if you ask me. What do you think?

Day 295

~fall is…~

Fall is pumpkin spice…EVERYTHING! From candles, to pancakes, to pie, to a latte`. IMG_4148-2

Day 296

~a number~IMG_4183-2

Day 297


This was taken after dark…one of those “oh that’s orange” moments =)IMG_4189-2

Day 298


JT’s party was camouflaged themed. We all wore camo and the entire kitchen was decorated in the same. Thanks to Jamie (Jonathan’s girlfriend) for putting this all together. I played hide-n-seek, later that night, with my nephews. Out in the dark yard. I haven’t played in a few years. It was fun to be a “kid”, again, for just one night. IMG_4241-2

Day 299


Day 300


Free kitten signs up and so far still not a single takers for this little guy. IMG_4474-2

Day 301

~starts with “H”~

Easy one!!! lol! Starts with an “H”. Hannah =)  I love this photo of her…positively dreamy =)IMG_4495-2

Happy Wednesday =)

Please let me know which photo’s are your favorite=)


Monday, October 27, 2014

Finishing up what you start….

Something I’ve strove all my life, so far, to do as a general rule is. Finish what I start…I can still remember every last thing I didn’t finish. The drawn pictures I threw away instead of leaving them incomplete, latch-hook-quilt I gave to goodwill instead of finishing, every book I’ve began and didn’t finished,  the blanket I began to crochet, or my Bahamas cruise scrapbook - which I haven’t even started!

My mom read me this story as a child. And it went something along this line. A young women was rummaging through a deceased elderly woman’s sewing box. Nothing in the old box was finished. She pulled out item after item that wasn’t completed. The moral to this tale is to finish what you start. And it has stuck with me my entire life and continues to make me strive to finish everything I start, every single day.


So I finally got this quilt done! I began it years ago (more about it here) and have been trying seriously to finish it for the past year. But one thing after another came up…and it would be put off till another time. But, I repeat, It’s DONE!!!

My sister, Alexandria, told asked me to come over and that she’d help me finish it (she is the manager for an alteration shop, in Indy. So yeah she CAN really sew, and very well at that.) One of the main reasons this has taken me so long to quilt this, was that I didn’t know how to quilt a quilt together. I had the blocks all together, but I just lacked that extra knowledge to finish it=) IMG_4044-2IMG_4050-2

I got a head ache..that just got worse as the day went on. Remind me to never EVER quilt again! This is my first and only quilt. IMG_4053-2IMG_4062-2IMG_4064-2

Laughing and talking with this girl all afternoon was so fun=) she’s an amazing sister! IMG_4075-2IMG_4089-2We’re so totally sisters…can’t deny it…haha! Not that I would or anything=)IMG_4097-2IMG_4116-2

So now Ally and I are going to travel together to Ohio sometime soon, to visit this elderly lady (90+ years old) and show her the finished quilt she gave me the pattern and instructions for years ago.

Happy Monday!


Friday, October 24, 2014

chocoholic frolic

Christina did it!!!!!! She ran a 5K with me. It took us around 31 minutes to run =) I wrote about it here and finally got around to posting the pictures from it.

It was awesome running with my best friend…I talked the entire time. Poor Christina she was just, well…so focused.

I got the feeling about at mile two that she wasn’t going to make it. The only encouragement I could come up with was “Don’t stop, ever! No matter how slow you have run, just make sure your running. I’ll stay with you no matter what.” =) Yeah it was a lot slower run for me and at times I felt my legs just wanting to take off. Being able to experience this with Christina was something I will never forgot. She an amazing sister and when she sets her mind on something, watch out – she’s doing it.

I’ll stop bragging on my sister and let you enjoy the pictures=)


Below are the professional pictures taken by the event photographer…


Crossing the finish line…yeah she was almost crying635482034271561026

I love you Christina and I had an awesome time with you=)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 15–Oct 21

Someone please tell me how to stay motivated about life when you’re just so dang tired, both mentally and physically. Seriously I feel asleep, the other night, while reading a book. Sitting on the floor, with just my head on my bed while waiting for my younger brother to get out of the shower. I woke up at three, in the morning, this way. Talk about a seriously stiff neck. After my usual 4:30 work-out and morning shower=) I was quite my normal self.

Another bracket popped off my tooth the other day. It’s thankfully in the back of my mouth, so I don’t notice it unless I eat. which of course I do three times a day and it succeeds in making it as difficult as possible. The hassle of trying to fit a dentist appointment into my already FULL schedule…resulted in this conclusion. “I’m positively tired of braces!” -sigh- it felt sooooo good to get that out… Again I ask myself: What convinced me to get them again?!?!?!? So 7:15 on Friday it is=)

Jogging horses after work is a lot of fun…but cleaning the stalls is a different story…eight of them total at the moment, but more horses are expected as the yearling sales continue. My poor hands! All blistered up from the shovels, scratched from harnessing up these crazy animals and dry from the wind. I NEED gloves! but when can I find the time to go get them. I guess I’ll have to start buying my living necessities online.

On Saturday I worked on cleaning up our families old computer and installing all the programs etc. onto the new. The desk looks so different with just a laptop. Unlike the old computer box with a billion plugins, this laptop only has one=) I sorted through all the stuff in the drawers…filled several trash bags…throwing stuff away is always enjoyable=) While doing this I got to…you guessed it…COOK! I made two pumpkin pies (the dessert Victoria wanted for her birthday), peanut butter smoothie (which we used like ice cream on the pie, sounds weird/gross but you’d understand if you were raised with it=), spaghetti pie and all the sides that go with that. So fun! So I went back and fourth from working to baking…I could totally get used to this ratio=)

Day 288

~my afternoon~

my afternoon was spend figuring my budget for the next week…one of my all time favorite weekly chores. IMG_3852-2

Day 289


Day 290


yeah it was LATE…after square dancing all evening, this kid still had a lot of energy. IMG_3889

Day 291

~on the wall~

Victoria’s party=) we decorated with stars. She’s really into astronomy at the moment=) it added a fun retro feeling to the night…haha. We watched the entire North and South movie with everyone…four hours total. My parent’s rock…staying up with the best of us and finishing it out=)IMG_3893-2

Day 292


Salmon meat layers…btw this was an AMAZING lunch!IMG_4041-2

Day 293

~a pattern~

yep I finished it…well should I say my sister Alexandria finished it, haha  (check out about this quilt here)IMG_4130-2

Day 294


a very unique evening. I took my camera to work and just before started on my dad’s businesses’ books, I thought about taking my photo of the day. But no camera, I left it at work. Which is only 15 minutes away and Christina was so kind as to ride along, but STILL…IMG_4131-2

So that was my week=) Thanks for stopping by!

Which photo/s was your favorite?!?!?!?