Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm olivia=) 

Here's a bit about me....

I own a horse, Sam...can't imagine life without him. At this time in my life he's my everything.
I LOVE to hunt, so yeah I'm a country girl<3
I'm obsessed with camouflage (my bed sheet are even camo) 
I'm a pathetic speller so if that bothers you, you may want to read elsewhere:)
I can't stand bugs. Any bugs. Little or big...they make me want to die
I am a morning person (like four in the morning is my normal time to wake up)
I love lightning and stars...I love a good thunder storm
I love snow and prefer winter to summer any day.
I love Christmas....so much so I listen to Christmas music year round
I live in the middle of a beautiful Amish community
I'm a full time bookkeeper and own my own bookkeeping business that I run on the side
I train harness race horses in the evenings after I work my normal 7-4
I'm one of ten children...no we're not in the least bit Amish
I LOVE to cook and bake...and will try any new recipes. You'll see a lot of pictures of my creations here.
I love to work out and will try any new program
I'm a runner...I really enjoy 5Ks and hate to run alone.

I created this blog as a place to share my love for photography...I'm no professional in the least but I have a wonderful time taking them. 

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing as much as I enjoy posting!

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