Friday, August 29, 2014

casey crocker’s Bruschetta

Last Tuesday night was another successful night of cooking and photography with the lovely Casey Crocker =) Bruschetta was the dish of focus…the smell! WOW from the bread toasting to all the herbs…you couldn’t ask for a better smelling kitchen=)

After we finished, we both went and watched “The Giver” a movie based on the novel by Lois Lowry. Casey spent a lot of time in this book during high school, so she was more than thrilled to watch it. I was very impressed by it! Sitting in the theatre with our popcorn watching a movie, now that’s quality “girl time” right there=)
IMG_7767-001IMG_7769-001This stuff is more than awesome=)IMG_7780-001I loved her maxi dress and top knot, then she just threw in her new glasses, okay I think we both missed the boat that night, we should have been doing an outfit/style post=) instead!IMG_7781-001IMG_7787-001IMG_7795-001IMG_7803-001IMG_7816-001IMG_7836-001IMG_7837-001IMG_7849-001When the bread started to toast…the smell was heavenly. my only weakness….
…bread=)IMG_7860-001IMG_7862-001IMG_7866-001Delicious – the only word to describe this picture IMG_7875-001IMG_7885-001IMG_7891-001IMG_7899-001IMG_7903-001IMG_7907-001IMG_7925-001IMG_7927-001IMG_7930-001IMG_7936-001IMG_7938-001IMG_7946-001IMG_7784-001IMG_7948-001IMG_7956-001IMG_7960-001IMG_7968-001IMG_7977-001IMG_7986-001IMG_8000-001IMG_8013-001IMG_8017-001IMG_8021-001IMG_8028-001Cooking tip from Casey Crocker – when you scrap the veggies off the cutting board flip your knife over and you’ll have sharp knives longer. (now why haven’t I ever thought of that) IMG_8043-001IMG_8070-001IMG_8095-001IMG_8115-001IMG_8125-001IMG_8141-001Picture perfect!!!! Literally=)IMG_8172-001IMG_8181-001It was better than it looked…haha…no kidding=)IMG_8193-001IMG_8208-001IMG_8209-001IMG_8213-001IMG_8224-001IMG_8225-001And this is only a few of the pictures I took=)IMG_8226-001IMG_8228-001So cute <3IMG_8257-001IMG_8274-001IMG_8287-001Where was Charlie…no one is quit sure…he walked down from upstairs, just as we were about to leave. I missed his cute disposition in the kitchen that night.IMG_8296-001Leaving a note for Carl=) before heading out for the movie…she has to be pretty much the perfect wifeIMG_8298-001IMG_8303-001
And so ended our second Casey Crocker session=)
Click here for the recipe, enjoy!
Happy Friday!