Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father’s Day…the pancake feast=) Part 1/2

This weekend was so relaxing…I’m just going to share the meal pictures, the party pictures will come later=) I took a lot=)

I made pancakes and nothing I cook makes me happier…and oh I got to make a ton of different kinds including a new recipe – PEANUT BUTTER PANCAKES=) – so much fun! On top of that my parents and siblings loved them!!! Which made making them just that much more rewarding=)

Sunday was Father’s Day. Well our dad (typical guy) loves breakfast and he has said time and time again how he could eat breakfast three times a day=) So I got this random idea why not actually do it, why not have breakfast for lunch?  And that’s just what we did=) I ran the idea past him just to make sure he wasn’t rudely surprised, (I’d rather be safe than sorry) so it wasn’t a surprise. But just seeing his face while he looked over the pancakes before the meal was priceless.

I started Friday night by making apple and pumpkin pancakes. I also made a batch of gluten free coconut flour pancakes for myself…they weren’t the greatest, I still need to work on perfecting that recipe. And on Sunday I made the peanut butter and loads of the just regular pancakes=) (which are dad’s favorite).

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad, such a hard working godly man. His selflessness never ceases to amaze me. Also happy Father’s Day to my oldest brother…so many good times together, also he’s a great dad!IMG_2810

So here’s pictures of the day! Enjoy=)


look at that face=)IMG_2851IMG_2853IMG_2858IMG_2864IMG_2868IMG_2875IMG_2876IMG_2883

my gluten free pancakes…IMG_2887IMG_2893IMG_2898

So that was our lunch on Father’s Day=) Looked fun and it was fun=) Everyone laughing talking and eating…

….it was a perfect day!




  1. Great post! You, Hannah, and Victoria are all so cute!!! <3

  2. Love it! Pancakes are so good! My favorite right now is Pumpkin. I tend to make "breakfast" for dinner a lot. You girls all look so beautiful! Can't wait for the next post! ~Hannah

  3. You made me hungry, Great pictures. Olivia .