Friday, April 18, 2014

Bahamas Cruise (part 5)…what we saw=)

So this is the fifth and final post on/about my Bahamas Cruise…this is about all the site seeing we did in the cities we ported at. I wish we could have done more this was while there.

A few cool facts about life on this island. They don’t have mail boxes, at all. Only a few post offices per island. And all the government personals have a different color of license plate.


In Miami the driving was completely crazy, These people honk at each other, you, and everything else. Insane…literally! Just walking down the street to the drug store and I was honked out like four times. And once when I was crossing the road…I had the ride-away…and still this guy wanted to go and honked at me (I was in the middle of the road) I stopped and he few by. He could have hit me! Lessoned learned I won’t ever go back to Miami=)IMG_5314-001IMG_5491-001

The Bahamians paint everything such bright, happy colors!IMG_5997-001IMG_6002-001

For sale in the local market, I would love to have my Christmas tree decorated with these, wouldn’t you?!?!IMG_6006-001

Some kind of festival was going on and our guide pushed us into doing this. You can tell we were very uncomfortable and embarrassed…I don’t know why who was looking? hahaWhat we sawIMG_6044-001IMG_6048-001

A memorial to all the soldiers, from the Bahamas, that died in WWIIIMG_6055-001

This is one of the first buildings built on Nassau, and it was originally a bakery. IMG_6059-001IMG_6404IMG_6069-001

Fort Fincastle (located also on Nassau) read more about it (here)IMG_6073-001IMG_6077-001IMG_6082-001IMG_6086-001IMG_6088-001IMG_6096-001IMG_6098-001IMG_6100-001IMG_6104-001

The Queen’s Staircase. This was by far the coolest thing we saw. Here's so more on this cool siteIMG_6106-001IMG_6109-001IMG_6111-001IMG_6115-001IMG_6120-001IMG_6121-001IMG_6126-001IMG_6133-001IMG_6144-001

See the lady in the pink pants sitting in the corner? She was a nurse and on her lunch break. She had brought this paralyzed child with her. We couldn’t help but over hear her phone conversation…while standing there. She was telling the person on the other end, how she sometimes brings this girl out with her on her breaks because she was just so much calmer out there. She told how she would just cry sometimes and she went on to explain that she had been abandoned on their steps (I’m not sure if it was an orphanage or not) as a baby. Christina sat there with tears in her eyes (she’s a CNA) listening as she began to sing a hymn to this beautiful child.IMG_6150-001

These glass sculptures were hand blown (located in the largest Casino in the Bahamas) worth about 1 million dollars a piece. This Casino was located on Paradise island.  IMG_6163-001

Christina in the famous “king and queen’s chair”.What we saw2

This was the bathroom, I don’t believe I have ever been in this nice of a bathroom before. The sign on the door indicating what gender’s room it was, was of a mermaid…and yes I took pictures of it. What we saw1

The coolest light in the entire world=)IMG_6184-001IMG_6188-001

The Casino and all that beautiful stuff was in this pink building. Now I would go back to Paradise Island in a heart beat. IMG_6194-001

Fort Montagu…it was closed so we couldn’t go in, but we got our picture=)IMG_6243-001IMG_6268-001IMG_6269-001

Bahamian police officers…gotta love the skirt.IMG_6271-001IMG_6274-001

Look at all this color…what if we painted our streets in America like this=)IMG_6401-001

Classic telephone booth photoIMG_6406-001IMG_6424-001IMG_7007

There are probably three questions still remaining after you’ve seen all five of my post on this cruise

1. Would I ever go on a cruise again?

2. Would I ever visit the Bahamas again?

3. Would I recommend you going to the Bahamas?

Ummm…would I ever go on a cruise again?????…well I will never say never but would I go again in the near future? Probably not. It was a fantastic experience and I will even venture to say that I would do it over knowing what I know now in a heart beat. I learned so much. But I’m definitely a country girl and am most comfortable in a small town=)

Would I ever visit again????? Probably not. I’ve seen it and that’s checked off my list of places to see in my life time and I will probably never go back. The main reason because there are so many places to see in this world and life is too short to only revisit the same places over and over again.

And lastly “Would I recommend you going to the Bahamas”? And that would be a huge YES!!! but only if you were cruising=) It was very different than I expected, but worth the time…and the cruise ships are SO much fun!

So that wraps up my vacation…hope you enjoyed the pictures <3



  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! I have enjoyed the posts about it and sorry they are over:( Thanks for posting about it!! I loved the picture of you in front of the Queens staircase sign, and the black and white picture of you! Glad Christina was there to get some of you :)

    1. We did it was fantastic! Awe but I'm glad you enjoy them...yeah it was nice to be in front of the camera for a change=)

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    1. Miami tries to be so sophisticated. There are many cool places though. People that paint their streets----like the Bahamas. I love those old forts about the world as well and try to visit as many as I can.

    2. =) Miami...yeah I guess so!
      There are and I hope to see many more of these places in my life time.
      My family was into history (big time) when I was younger and I still have many more American forts I want to visit.

  3. Victoria AthertonApril 19, 2014 at 6:44 AM

    It is so neat that you were able to visit those forts! What a fun bit of history to learn :) The Queen's Staircase has such a sad yet amazing story. Sounds like a fun trip :)

    1. It was!
      The forts were so cool!
      It's sad to think that people would treat other humans that way...but I guess times were different back then.