Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother’s Day

I know lately I have had a lot of post up about my mom…but bare with me this is the last one…I promise.

To start the day off I made pancakes, so my wonderful mom could sleep in, take a shower or whatever and not have to worry about helping fix breakfast (and she did good, she actually stayed out of the kitchen for once)

Church was packed, almost more people than on Easter Sunday…now I don’t like a service -  where when everyone stands you can’t see the minister. And this was one of those Sundays.

Anyway, enough of my complaining=)

At home all we had to do was fix a salad and decorate the cake. My amazing sister Victoria made Mexican slop and it was piping hot in the crock pot. But since the meal was just so easy to prepare it took us an hour to finally get everything together and sit down for the meal. If you ask me, I think we had too many girls in the kitchen at once=)

After the meal we opened gifts!

Then came the games. We played a trivia game about my mom. We gave her a bowl of questions that me and Christina had come up for her. (stuff we didn’t know…like when was her first date, first kiss, life questions etc.) Mom would read a question and all of us would come up with an answer and write it on a piece of paper…then she would read through all of them and the winner/winners would get a point for their correct answer. I don’t remember exactly but either Jonathan or Grace won this one. It was so neat! I know so much more about my mom now=)

The boys planted the four rose bushes we all bought her and put the sand box in. Dad picked up sand on Thursday for it and now the only thing missing is some kids - to play in it=)

The decorations! Absolutely lovely=)IMG_0759-001IMG_0763-001IMG_0768-001

A few of the party…I was so busy helping with the food etc. I didn’t get too many of this actually. And the party games were so interesting I didn’t use my camera at all then.IMG_0771

I love Samuel’s smile, he hardly smiles in pictures any more. and by that I mean a genuine little boy smile=)IMG_0772IMG_0779

Victoria pretty much rocks at cake making…don’t you think!?!?IMG_0786-001

Putting the sand box in…I love mom and Christina in this one=)IMG_0861-001IMG_0868-001

The many face expressions of Jonathan…oh that just one face expression=) I wonder what he was thinking about.Mothers day=)3IMG_0878-001

My beautiful mom<3IMG_0889-001IMG_0898-002IMG_0901-001

Jonathan doing what he does best - telling his brothers how it’s done=)IMG_0907-001IMG_0914-001IMG_0920-001IMG_0930-001IMG_0931

I seriously would love to know what this was all about….apparently dad wasn’t too impressed to start out with=)IMG_0933-001Mothers day=)4

I love my parents!!!!!!IMG_0937IMG_0938

Oh and I got one! I know they are so rare=)IMG_0944-001

So that was our mom’s special day. What did you do on Mother’s Day? or can you remember?



  1. Great pictures Olivia!! That was so sweet what you girls did for your mom! We did not get to do anything special, a lot of kids were sick with allergies, me included so I did not get to do anything for mom:( But, moms parents came over and we got food from a place called City Barbeque, Mom really likes it. And we ate at home. So, nothing exiting:)

    1. awe sorry...but it sounds like your day turned out to be fun anyway! ....

  2. Thank you so much for coming to see us today!!! I REALLY enjoyed it! These are great pictures! ~Hannah

    1. awe your so welcome...i had such a good time and have been telling my family all about the bees=)

    2. You guys should really get some bees. I think you would love it. :) ~Hannah