Friday, November 22, 2013

First Day of Hunting ~2014

Well something more exciting in life…

…even though I didn’t take these pictures~I’m super proud of this deer…and decided to share these.  My first deer to shoot entirely by myself. All the guys were at a basketball tournament so I had to gut it alone! Yeah I’m still patting myself on the back=) I DID IT!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it=)

Then me and my boss skinned and quartered them up his deer and mine. So instead of paying to have it processed I’m going to do it myself….I'm really excited. I got so much more out of this hunt and will definitely have to do this with each additional deer I get…



524585_179494775587309_78855833_nTaken with my phone…still a pretty cool picture huh?


Happy Friday!

hope you are all enjoyed your week…



  1. Good hunting, that looks like an adventure.

    1. thanks wade, it was...that day was so relaxing and fun...I really needed that

  2. Way to go Olivia! I don't think I would be able to gut any animal by myself! I really like the picture of you on the porch!

  3. Nice!! So how many deer does that make for you? My dad got his first deer last year at the Porters. He gutted it himself. Then he brought home the meat in big pieces for us to cut up for the freezer. I used to hate eating deer, but the way he butchered it made it taste really good. It looks like you did a good job!!

    1. it makes two...i love deer meat could eat it totally and never miss beef. Yeah it hast to do with the amount of fat you take off the meat for it to taste good. There fat is different than beef or pork making it really taste nasty if left in. I use mine for bird suet.