Thursday, March 26, 2015

True Friend

These past couple of months I’ve really been looking at MY life, MY relationships, MY goals, MY focuses and all the other MY’s =) yeah I really just wrote all that…haha  But none of these compare to my sister=)
What’s a true friend? I know all the normal things someone will rattle off in response to this question. Ummmm a true friend is always there. A true friend makes you laugh. A true friend will answer the phone as early or as late when you call. (and I could go on and on)
But seriously is that a true friend. This is my definition of a true friend? Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you when they think (know) your wrong. Someone you don’t have to say a word too and you’ve both spoken volumes. This is the kind of friend I have in my sister.
She turns 23 today!!! She’s as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.
Dear Christina,
In childhood we did not understand the gift wrapped up in a greater plan. Time has taught us about the bond of love, and through that love we have chosen friendship. We have learned together, sharing the good times and the bad, and no matter what, there has always been love. You are my sister always, my friend forever.
Love you to the moon and back=)
Your sis <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

prioritizing my time

This year has included many changes and my life is taking off at a rapid pace. I don’t want to miss any part of it by wasting my time, which has called for numerous time prioritizing decisions for me the last few months. For example: cutting social media was by far one of the best things I’ve done, and the list could go on and on. 

So yeah I’ve been scared that this blog might end up consuming too much of my life and sadly I’m realizing that it is. I need to focus more on my studies, plus lives bigger picture and I believe this cut will be very healthy in the long run.


I will still be posting occasionally but I’m not promising anything. This blog has been so much fun and a needed outlet for me for these few years…but that time has past and it’s time for me to move on and spend more time on other things.

It’s not goodbye, just a less frequent hello=)



Monday, March 16, 2015

breakfast with two lovelies

A “I miss you and hope to see you soon” email resulted in a spare of the moment, girls breakfast, date at Ann's Restaurant. Yummy pancakes (yeah I’m actually starting to like them) and chocolate milk. Don’t judge me=) we all have a kid in us, somewhere…amiright??? And it was so good!!!!


I’ve known these girls forever (check this afternoon I spent with them) We went to the same church for a few years when we were all younger. And then it was more I was about the age they are now and they we’re well, younger than that. So I spent a lot of time playing and talking to these sweet kids and we’ve just kept in touch every since…via letters and emails. One day I turned around and I was reading an email from a teenager. An email full of all the fears, joys and big questions in life. It was like they grew up over night and the best part about it is that they’ve grown into life long friends. Girls I can share stuff with. Girls that actually give me helpful advice for my world. Girls that when we get together it’s like we just hung out yesterday=)


The atmosphere here was so homey, pleasant and happy at this restaurant. We stayed for a good hour and a half. (and that may be a modesty guess) Our food appeared in the perfect amount of time, from a very sweet waitress…in jeans. (Another reason to love this place) And while we ate we could enjoy the view of the beautiful Franklin courthouse from our window.


We all agreed that we are going to have to get together more often. And even threw around the idea of trying to make this happen once a month…and maybe even try a different Franklin restaurant each time. Finding time in my busy schedule will definitely have to happen…did I mention that I love these girlys?? 

So here’s to many more breakfasts together!!!!



Friday, March 13, 2015

casey crocker’s Quiche

I felt like it had been ages since our last cooking session together and I’ve missed this dear friend’s sweet face. We literally talked for an hour before even beginning to cook. She’s always smiling, always happy, and always an all around cheering person to spend the afternoon with. She could brighten gloomiest of days, in only moments. (I’m sure of it!)

So basic quiche it is for March…and when she told me that she knew this recipe like the back of her hand, I still wasn’t prepared for what how well she did. I was rushing to just keep up with her rapid progress, as she confidently prepared this amazing dish, at an alarming speed. It was like she started and then, bam! she was done and asking me if I was in a good position to get the shot of her putting the quiche into the oven=) Haha…it was so fun watching her in her perfect element…oh and I almost forgot to mention how beautiful she looked -  she wore this blue maxi dress that was positively stunning on her, making her already beautiful eyes, really pop=) so there’s a lot more pictures of her than normal in this post…I just couldn’t help myself=)

IMG_8957IMG_8958IMG_8965IMG_8969Seeing all these eggs made me want to raise an entire flock of chickens. (similar to the one we had growing up, back at the farm) I want a large flock, maybe like 30 plus of them someday=) then I’d sell eggs and complain about having way too many eggs, all the time. How fun would that be?!?!? IMG_8970IMG_8975IMG_8982Quiche is mainly eggs and so this would be a perfect dish for me to make once I have my dream flock of chickens, hopefully one day=) Forgive a girl for wishing…out loud..haha=)IMG_8983That’s what makes this dish taste perfect. I think I’ve shared how much I absolutely adore onions…if it wasn’t what they do to your breath, I’d eat one every. single. day. They are like the best vegetable God ever created. Onions, oh, and avocados….seriously avocados are AMAZING!IMG_8997IMG_9010Don’t you just LOVE her spoon ring! IMG_9021Isn’t she just so lovely!?!? Yeah I just kept taking pictures of her. I think we’ve both gotten so comfortable with this entire cooking/photography thing. We never stop talking and I just snap away and she just cooks (hardly any silence, poor Carl has to listen to us=)…even the photos of Casey are so spontaneous and turn out so wonderfully! IMG_9040PicMonkey Collage2Charlie’s beginning to like me, I think…He acted very happy to see me for the first time, on Sunday….but he still won’t let me pick him up. Even though with all that blonde thick fur and cute face, I was almost ready to just snatch him up whether or not he wanted it=) It was the first warm day here in Indiana so Casey had her windows open…and Charlie was in heaven=) IMG_9048IMG_9063IMG_9072IMG_9086And lots of mozzarella cheese!!! definitely add the cheese…IMG_8996IMG_9101IMG_9131She added just the right amount of chees to this so that the quiche wasn’t at all runny.  I had to note that for future reference, when of course I make this for my family, in the very near future. Because knowing me, that would be the mistake I’d make=) Don’t judge, I’m a recovering “health nut.”IMG_9146That blue casserole dish is just plain lovely! I want it     ….one just like it=)IMG_9153IMG_9162IMG_9168IMG_9191quiche 1It amazes me, still, how Casey always cooks everything to perfection! This is a common error I make, either over cooking something or the complete opposite. In fact, this happened to the blueberry muffins I made for my parents to take with them to MO this week – they were under cooked. (Isaac’s national, basketball, tournament is held out there every year, for a week. And both parents go along to cheer their youngest on). When mom called and I asked her if she liked the cookies etc. that I had baked for them She was like the “cookies are great, but we haven’t started on the muffin yet”…ahem I wonder why=P IMG_9261IMG_9274I need Casey at my house so she can be my 24/7 food display personnel…but that would only be reality in a perfect world, and we all know the one we live in is fare from what that word describes. IMG_9275IMG_9277IMG_9298IMG_9303IMG_9304IMG_9306






























Sorry Casey but these were just too beautiful not to share…=)

Hey hurry over to Casey’s blog to get the recipe. She has several substitution ideas…personally I want to try making it with the tomato with basil, she suggested. And I will totally be up for eating left overs of this…it’s amazing the second day, even can be eaten as a cold lunch=)

Have you ever made quiche and if so what are some of your substitution ideas??? please share them and the recipes…I would love to try them=)

Happy Friday folks!!!!!



Monday, March 9, 2015

Two years and a new smile=)

“I’m excited and scared all together. Will I look different afterwards or will I look the same, better or worse, etc. Well, let me go down one more unknown path and hopefully I’ll come out a better person.” Excerpt from my journal on  March 23, 2013 after my first appointment orthodontist.

I was looking through my “before” pictures and decided to some together that show my journey with braces from 19 years old to now 21=) It’s so hard to believe it was that long…now looking back…and it’s strange posting so many pictures of myself…haha.



“Excited! But I don’t know if I’m ready for braces or not…hum…I guess ready or not here they come.” April 19, 2013


“Christina and I had a double appointment=) So much fun…I talked Christina into getting the same color rubber bands and ties.” Jan. 10 , 2014


”Can barely open my mouth and I feel miserable…It hurts so bad I can’t eat, let alone talk. I hate braces!“ Nov. 1, 2013


“Hopefully I’ll have them off by Christmas=)” April 11, 2014 Completely didn’t happen…haha but it was close…and I broke a bracket off, eating the forbidden hard Christmas candy. Oh well I just couldn’t help myself=)


I have the best parents in the world! They encouraged me to get braces but let me know I would be paying for them in full, all by myself. It was the first thing I actually had to work for, one hundred percent by myself. It was common knowledge in our home, growing up, that if you wanted something bad enough you could find a way to get it, yourself. Nothing was ever handed to me, ever…and that’s the way it should be. I’m so grateful for this amazing foundational principle in my life…it’s shaped the values and work ethic I have now as an adult. I thank God everyday for my wonderful parents=)


The night before…last time ever with braces!!!


I’m so glad all the tooth brush carrying around, on my person, wherever I go is finally over. I won’t miss it=) All those self conscience times, while enjoying food with friends, I was just hoping that food wasn’t caught in one of the brackets or wire. All those time running or working out in the cold…when all the metal just almost felt like it was going to choke me.  It seemed as though it would take some time to get use to not having braces again, but it hasn’t at all! Besides having to remember to put my retainer in, I completely don’t think about them not being in my mouth…


Can’t stop smiling=)

“I’m braces free! My teeth feel so smooth and my mouth so empty. I kinda’ miss my braces. May of 2013 I got them put on, I was 19 and now I’m 21 with a beautiful smile.” Feb. 25, 2015. It was so worth it!!!! I’m so thankful for all the people that encouraged me to get them “while I was still young.”

Samuel stopped by for a surprise visit this past weekend and about fell over once he noticed I didn’t have braces. He’s the only one that actually really noticed my teeth growing up. He said he had been waiting on this day (when I finally had straight teeth a perfect smile) forever.