Friday, September 12, 2014

My trip to New Bern…=)…


I spent the night of my birthday packing. I was flying to North Carolina early the next morning for a quick weekend trip to visit a girlfriend of mine….a birthday gift to myself, hey! it was my 21st haha=)  ….and I didn’t get started packing until about 12 o'clock (when all my siblings had finally gone home or to bed) and so when I finally had my shower etc. and was completely ready for bed it was way after 2:00 am. And on top of this I had to get up at 4:00 am…surprisingly I woke up to my alarm and I was pretty much awake, after only a few short hours of sleep=) (I slept a lot on the plane) My first trip to do solo and it was so much fun! It was so enjoyable traveling alone that I will be doing it A LOT more before I die=)

You know those trips you look forward to and think about so much, that when they happen there kinda a let down. Due to your expectations being way too high. But this visit wasn’t like that at ALL.  It was everything I imagined…no it was even better! Anne worked out all the plans, what we were doing each day etc., before hand and it turned out to be a magical weekend…one spent with such an incredible family. I will never be able to be thank them enough, for everything! They have no clue how welcome and special they made me feel.

Anne is a wonderful friend, we met several years back at a mutual friend’s wedding… She’s put up with me growing up, all my awkward life phases etc. I don’t know how and she still likes me…haha=) She’s a dear friend and I’m so blessed to have her in my life. I’m so grateful that God allowed our paths to cross.

So naturally I took pictures…enjoy=)

IMG_7235-001IMG_7236-001A turbo prop was the plane that flew me into New Bern NC from Charlotte.  IMG_7237-001The left landing gear had some problems and so our flight was delayed an hour, waiting on this to be fixed…sitting in this stuffy, warm little plane…with all those other right?!?!?IMG_7242-001Finally here at the Robinson’s home…this is the lovely mom of the family. she loads of fun=)IMG_7246-001and Kate…if I didn’t already have so many sisters I’d want her as my sister…=)IMG_7247-001IMG_7250-001And the incredible Anne…with the birthday cake she made me=) it was soooo good! IMG_7251-002IMG_7254-001IMG_7255-001This is Nicholas Spark’s house…no kidding! this completely made my day/weekend=)IMG_7263-001IMG_7268-001IMG_7271-001We went into the most darling toy shop… IMG_7274-001IMG_7275-001It really was…IMG_7279-001IMG_7289-001IMG_7293-001Mini photo shoot of the ANNE=)IMG_7296-001IMG_7300-001IMG_7308-001IMG_7310-001IMG_7313-001Kate=)IMG_7315-001IMG_7328-001IMG_7331-001Sisters <3IMG_7341-001IMG_7350-001IMG_7352-001IMG_7356-001Sharing coffee…IMG_7361-001I LOVE this one! She’s so beautiful!IMG_7367-001It was closed, but I got to look through the window=)IMG_7372-001IMG_7377-002The Robinson’s home…IMG_7398-001IMG_7401-001IMG_7404-001IMG_7408-001IMG_7430-001On our way to Cape Lookout we passed an island with wild ponies…they were perfectly perfect! I’ve only read about these and have never seen them before. Incredible! IMG_7450-001I left my zoom lens behind so this is as close a picture, as I could get…IMG_7452-001IMG_7454-001IMG_7467-001IMG_7472-001IMG_7477-001IMG_7482-001The Mr and Mrs=)IMG_7489-001She laughs all the time…you can’t help but be happy when you’re around her.IMG_7492-001There was barely anyone at the beach…it was sprinkling on our way out to this island, but it stopped. And we were just there for the window of good weather, it started raining on our way back=)  IMG_7494-001IMG_7497-001IMG_7498-001IMG_7503-001IMG_7507-001We went and saw The Hundred Foot Journey (just us girls) the last night I was there…IMG_7532-001IMG_7545-001we headed outdoors to take pictures of their dresses=)IMG_7550-001IMG_7553-001IMG_7555-001IMG_7558-001IMG_7561-001IMG_7563-001IMG_7568-001IMG_7570-001Lunch…did I say the food was amazing?!?!?!?IMG_7582-001And Anne took my camera=)IMG_7608-001IMG_7611-001IMG_7613-001IMG_7642-001IMG_7653-001IMG_7658-001IMG_7677-001IMG_7684-001IMG_7690-001IMG_7694-001IMG_7711-001hot chocolate…don’t tell anyone please=)IMG_7737-001Indianapolis at night…from the sky=)IMG_7741-001IMG_7749-001

And thus concludes my 21st birthday! It was so fun and relaxing.

Have a wonderful weekend! And enjoy this weather, fall will be here before we know it. Personality it could come sooner than later, I’m ready for summer to be gone…can’t wait for Autumn=)


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