Tuesday, November 25, 2014

casey crocker’s Sweet Potato Casserole

With Thanksgiving as our inspiration this month, Casey made Sweet Potato Casserole…I’m sure you all already have your pumpkin recipes baked for the season. So here’s a yummy Autumn side dish that will help to break up the pumpkin monotony… it’s is just SO delicious! Oh and look at all that color…they were so orange! I enjoyed this dish so much I might make some for my mom’s sides Thanksgiving meal. Now of course that I know how to make it=) thanks to Casey….

Casey cooked the sweet potatoes before hand in her crock pot. I’ve only heard of this, but haven’t ever tried it. She just wrapped them in foil, placed them in the crock and they cooked on high for four hours. Talk about super easy! They were cooked to perfection…and smelled amazing!

Click here to find the recipe and make this for yourself=)

IMG_5497-2They were still a bit warm…=) IMG_5501-2IMG_5505-2IMG_5514-2BTW isn’t her outfit choice so cute! She even had the silver nails to go with it=)IMG_5516-3IMG_5523-2IMG_5530-2IMG_5531-2IMG_5541-2IMG_5549-2We dídn’t have the eggs the recipe called for sooooo…Carl (Casey’s amazing husband) ran to the store and picked us some. See why I say she’s lucky, girlies…=)IMG_5562-2IMG_5577-2I loved this casserole dish…so beautiful! IMG_5589-2IMG_5753-2IMG_5765-2I just wish the marshmallows wouldn’t loose this puffiness…IMG_5767-2IMG_5778-2She decorates her house with all sorts of amazing things like this…candles in coffee beans. And you can just image what it smells like when the candles get warm. Heavenly!!! coming from a former coffee addict=) IMG_5792-2It looks as good as it tasted! IMG_5796-2IMG_5814-2IMG_5827-2IMG_5806-2

I love a plain sweet potatoes, but you can always make it better. At least once a year for the holidays.

What’s your favorite casserole?



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  1. Thats looks great and no nuts in it so that makes it even better!! Thanks for the recipes Olivia!!