Wednesday, November 19, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 12-Nov 18

This cold weather is insane…I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of coveralls for this winter! If I had been using my brain I would have bought these this spring, instead, when they were on sale. oh well! this is what I get for not using my it. They are wonderfully warm. They make working in the barn sooooo much more enjoyable! so it’s okay if I look ridiculous in them=)

I’ve officially begun Christmas shopping…that is online, of course=) And my first set of packages should be arriving any day now. I love online shopping!!!! It’s sorta like a Christmas gift to me, I get to open it=) Then of course rewrap and give away again=) Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days for this. Free shipping, plus huge savings! This is one day out of the year that I indulge in hot chocolate. I make myself a cup and sit in my pajamas and slip, shop, smile and repeat=)

I only have a month and a half left to take a picture a day=) and I haven’t missed one day, it’s crazy awesome!!!

Day 316


Hannah and I made Christmas cards for the soldiers, while watching “Flicka” and one evening. We are completely opposites in everything…the way we clean, our interest, our movie choices (haha I don’t think she was really enjoying Flicka, come to think of it…) and in making cards. We don’t do it alike at all! But she can sure make a beautiful card and we sure had a ball that evening together. With sisters like mine, who needs friends?!?!?IMG_4957-2Day 317


I love coming home to mail on my bed…but please no junk mail!!!!!! =)IMG_4963-2Day 318

~something new~

Hannah’s new phone…she finally upgraded to a smart phone. Watch out! she’s now joined the phone addict club=)  IMG_4990-2

Day 319

~I wish…~

“I wish is was warmer out here”…hunting this morning was also referred to as “the time I froze”=) read more about my hunting joys hereIMG_4991-2

Day 320


I made this Amish Pumpkin cake…it was so dense. I used a healthy recipe…my all time favorite recipes to make (honey instead of sugar etc.) but I never got a chance to taste it. My mom and dad loved it=) I made the whipping cream as well…adding honey to it for sweetener also=)IMG_5037-2

Day 321


Ever since the snow fell, Merry’s been coming to the house and sitting outside the glass doors. She just sit there and watches as I eat breakfast. I usually give her a piece or two of bread. I don’t know why she doesn’t stay in the garage, where it’s warm.IMG_5051-2

Day 322

~ a landscape~

This was a bummer….all day I was envisioning this amazing photo I was going to take of the snowing landscape around my work. But noooo…I forgot and by the time I finished at my second job (and remembered) it was, of course, dark. And I had to settle for this picture, of a picture, on a page in a French cookbook I was drooling over=) yeah this is what I do for fun!?!?! haha =)IMG_5132-2

I hope your weeks been fantastic so far!

Happy Wednesda!!!



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