Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 8–Oct 14

Wednesday night I went shopping with dad for a new business computer, for his company. It was so fun spending one-on-one time with him, it’s been forever since I have. Plus we were shopping in some of my all-time favorite stores…anything store that has office supplies, I’m just crazy about=) I love walking down the isle looking and wishing I could buy “that….and that…” =) So now I will also be doing the bookkeeping for my dad’s company. yikes I think I’m taking on too much….but I will never know what all I’m capable of, if I don’t try it.

On Saturday, along with three of my Amish girlfriends, I went to a hay press barn demonstration check it out here…pretty neat stuff.  The Amish girl’s dad was one of the three guys that took the barn down and reconstructed it. Afterward we hung around and watch an apple cider making demonstration, ate too much dessert, rode a hay wagon and walked along the riverbed. On the way home we stopped at a family farm pumpkin festival and walked through their corn maze, my first time doing this as well. It was so fun! The owners also raised white-tailed deer so I spent a lot of time petting those lovely animals.

On Sunday Isaac and I cleared the garden and flowerbeds, pulling up of all the old flowers and plants. We then did one of my T25 workouts. It was so nice, for once, not being that person trying to keep up…sorry Isaac=) On Monday I started my new second job, jogging race horses for an Amish race horse trainer. Just down the road a-ways from where I work…hopefully only Mon-Thurs. after work, each week. I’m very nervous, but I’m learning. So far, so good!

On to this weeks pictures=)

Day 281


I brought these shells home for Christina from North Carolina (check out my trip here)IMG_3419-2

Day 282


texting a friend…you’re welcome to think this is a cheesy photo, for this word. I do =)IMG_3442-2

Day 283


you know me well enough by now that I really ENJOY cooking, here I was roasting a turkey and used James Oliver’s  recipe This was before I added the milk. (btw whole organic milk…haha) IMG_3453-2

Day 284


the most comfortable place. In the middle of a quiet corn field…this maze took me back to all the time we trudged through cornfield while picking berries in the spring. IMG_3775-2

Day 285


I write two new soldiers every week (I know right, like I don’t do enough already) through soldier's angels It’s been an amazing experience, challenging but still amazing. It’s a nice surprise when one of your soldiers takes the time to send a note back.IMG_3801-2

Day 286

~I smell…~

I smell….=) my dinnerIMG_3805-2

Day 287

~black & white~

piano keys…I really wish I could play this instrument. But as it is I will just have to enjoy the sound other people can make come from these keys.IMG_3813-2

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. The picture of the shells is neat! I like the piano keys, of course I am always drawn towards pics of pianos cause I play :)

    1. Awe...I wish I could have played. Cherish every lesson and learn as much as you can=)