Monday, October 20, 2014

Dusti and her family

I took these for Christina’s friend, from work, Dusti. I was so nervous to take these… and didn’t really want to because I’m not that good and people are my least favorite thing to photograph. Buuuuut Christina talked me into it, so here they are=) She even went along, talk about such an easy shoot. All I did was tell Christina what I wanted and since we’re sisters she didn’t have to ask questions, she just knew what I wanted and it happened. I think if I do anymore I’m going to have to find a time that Christina’s not busy, her help is invaluable. Enjoy and please leave your thoughts below in the comment section.
















What do y’all think?B65CA3B1C6A0968D2D817F7063176B02


  1. Good job Olivia! Every time you do pictures of people they are great! Too bad you don't care for taking pictures of people that much, because I think you would do really well at it! I know you could!

    1. Thanks's just not my thing anymore, I don't know why. Maybe someday it will come back and I'll find joy in it once again...who knows?