Friday, June 20, 2014

Father’s day…the games etc. Part 2/2

Now for the games on Father’s Day…they were so much fun!

First we played a handprint ID game…we all drew around our hands on a paper plate and put our name on the opposite side. Then dad had to guess which kid’s hand shape it was. All the left handed kids were spotted rather quickly=)

Then I did something for the little guys. I had my nephews JT and Max shave their dad and another one of my brothers (my brothers weren’t too thrilled about this=) but once JT caught wind of what was going on, he begged his dad and the contest was on). they used butter knifes to scrap the shaving cream off with. Of course JT won, he’s the oldest. But Max was by far the best to watch. First he takes his hand full of shaving cream and just loads it onto Samuel’s face. eyes and all were covered. Then he lost focus messing with the shaving cream on his hands=)

After the “trust me” or  “blind fold” game we had a sack race! Funniest thing you every saw. Watching them going down the yard hopping with all their might was too hilarious=) sometimes I think I come up with these games just to see what all I can get my siblings do. And of course I have to head up the games so I rarely participate. Besides I’m taking pictures=)

I took JT and Max to see the horses with Isaac….which, of course, turn into a scavenger hunt for horseshoes. They both found one! Its not like their not all over out in this pasture, where just horses have been kept for years. We all got muddy, me more than the rest – I had to carry JT over the creek aaaannnnd yeah, I slipped just a bit and but enough to splashed mud all over myself.

All in all Father’s day was a very eventful joyous day for our family! Enjoy the photos=)

IMG_2906We all have a particular Atherton trait to our hand shape…pretty cool seeing them all laid out – definitely siblings=)IMG_2910IMG_2911IMG_2913a very intense IsaacIMG_2918I <3 this picture of Samuel=)IMG_2919IMG_2970IMG_2974IMG_2978IMG_2988IMG_2991IMG_3005IMG_3007IMG_3010IMG_3016And the race is on!!!!!!IMG_3020IMG_3021IMG_3024IMG_3027IMG_3029IMG_3031IMG_3036IMG_3037Careful JonIMG_3040Okay he’s going down….IMG_3041yep…but if his hands touch the ground he’s outIMG_3042So he didn’t use his hands…lol that had to hurtIMG_3043IMG_3044IMG_3047Meanwhile Samuel crosses the finish line=) And we have a winner!IMG_3052Christina just stopped! haha IMG_3065Look at that face, beat all of his brothers, and that’s actually quite a feat….IMG_3074...and your not a winner without all the HIGH FIVES=)IMG_3080awe <3IMG_3085Isaac, gotta love that face=)IMG_3089I believe she might have broke a nail, hahaIMG_3093both uncle and nephew have their fingers in their mouth, they’ll love this photo one day=)IMG_3100all then of us with a gift from our dad, for father’s day – definitely the worlds greatest dad=)IMG_3106IMG_3112IMG_3115IMG_3117IMG_3120Business shirts from mom, dad loved them – he’s been wearing them ever sinceIMG_3125IMG_3134IMG_3159Happy ‘lil boy!IMG_3174we had to try some raspberries…it never ceases to amaze me how much one berry can do to a child’s face/ hahaIMG_3178IMG_3192IMG_3197IMG_3205IMG_3212

What did you all do on Father’s Day? now that you know what ours was like…=)





  1. Looks like you all had a fun day! We had mom's parents over for a lunch of Steak, Baked Potatoes, Asparagus & Mushrooms, and Salad. Then we had Hot Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. And after eating we just layed around visiting :) And Dad took a nap ;)

    1. fun fun! you. had. HOT. FUDGE. CAKE. ??????? and I didn't know about this=)'s like my favorite desert in the entire world!

  2. Looks like you had a amazing day! Our day was a more of a lazy resting day, since my Dad was really tired from working. The sack race looks fun! When I first saw the picture of everyone lined up it looked like everyone was wearing skirts! :D You came up with some pretty creative ideas. I need to take some lessons from you on entertaining! You did a great job!!! ~Hannah

    1. I know right!!!! I loved seeing them do this...awe really? I love planning parties it's so much fun. I hope to plan one for someone other than family members=)

  3. That was a supper fun day! :)