Monday, October 27, 2014

Finishing up what you start….

Something I’ve strove all my life, so far, to do as a general rule is. Finish what I start…I can still remember every last thing I didn’t finish. The drawn pictures I threw away instead of leaving them incomplete, latch-hook-quilt I gave to goodwill instead of finishing, every book I’ve began and didn’t finished,  the blanket I began to crochet, or my Bahamas cruise scrapbook - which I haven’t even started!

My mom read me this story as a child. And it went something along this line. A young women was rummaging through a deceased elderly woman’s sewing box. Nothing in the old box was finished. She pulled out item after item that wasn’t completed. The moral to this tale is to finish what you start. And it has stuck with me my entire life and continues to make me strive to finish everything I start, every single day.


So I finally got this quilt done! I began it years ago (more about it here) and have been trying seriously to finish it for the past year. But one thing after another came up…and it would be put off till another time. But, I repeat, It’s DONE!!!

My sister, Alexandria, told asked me to come over and that she’d help me finish it (she is the manager for an alteration shop, in Indy. So yeah she CAN really sew, and very well at that.) One of the main reasons this has taken me so long to quilt this, was that I didn’t know how to quilt a quilt together. I had the blocks all together, but I just lacked that extra knowledge to finish it=) IMG_4044-2IMG_4050-2

I got a head ache..that just got worse as the day went on. Remind me to never EVER quilt again! This is my first and only quilt. IMG_4053-2IMG_4062-2IMG_4064-2

Laughing and talking with this girl all afternoon was so fun=) she’s an amazing sister! IMG_4075-2IMG_4089-2We’re so totally sisters…can’t deny it…haha! Not that I would or anything=)IMG_4097-2IMG_4116-2

So now Ally and I are going to travel together to Ohio sometime soon, to visit this elderly lady (90+ years old) and show her the finished quilt she gave me the pattern and instructions for years ago.

Happy Monday!



  1. Its gorgeous. you did a great job.

  2. Good job!! The picture of the tree is cool! You are so cute in glasses! I like them:) I love your hair, how do you do it like that?

    1. Thanks Grace=) I wear them whenever I'm on a computer or have a headache=) I just curled it with an iron. But the trick is to use day old hair, it just hold the curl better. For me at least!