Monday, October 13, 2014

When I’m at work…

Since I’m at work more than anywhere else nowadays, I’m pretty much at home in my office. I actually like being in my quiet office, after a rowdy weekend with my family. Also the schedule is a huge part of it…I love a routine and my job makes life very stable.  

I’m your typical secretary. Except if I was to describe my job, I would say I’m more like an office manager/bookkeeper but also the person who has to preform. Because I’m the only girl in the office, for this company. Yeah I sit all day, well I got a standing desk now (about a month ago) and so I stand for part of the day. It surprisingly really helps, I highly recommend it. I love my job! But if you would have told me when I started, I would still be here after two years I would have laughed. No way this outdoor’s girl was ever going to make it inside, in a car, for that long, let alone make a career out of it. But that all has change…I have been here for over two year and I plan on working this job for many more years. Lord willing=) I look forward to work everyday and I couldn’t have found a better place for myself to be, work related…I fit here and I can truly say it’s not work, it’s just what I do everyday=) Because I love it!

IMG_9580-001IMG_9587-001IMG_9510-001Joseph works at a window shop that I do the books for, it’s so fun seeing and working with my brother everyday. But it can be very challenging at times for me, trying to learn how to keep it all “business” with a sibling. It’s been a learning experience for me, since he’s started, but it’s been a good one.IMG_9520-001IMG_9533-001And my favorite visitor of all, Christina. My best friend, she can bring a little sunshine into the worst of days=) We matched so we had to take a picture…I work for Amish in the middle of no where so I don’t typically dress up much…but again this was taken on a Friday. And since I normally don’t see a soul on this day of the week, I dress for comfort=) I’m trying, but failing, to make up a good enough excuse for what I’m wearing=)IMG_9570-001

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the place where I spend most my time.

Do you enjoy your job or is it just work?



  1. I like the picture of you and Christina, your both so adorable:)