Wednesday, October 8, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 1–Oct 7

Last week  I had a very fun weekend planned for myself but turns out I had to canceled everything. I started not feeling well Friday night, but continued to enjoy myself at the sleep over, not paying attention to my body. I just continued to push myself, mentally blaming how I felt on “being tired”. I woke up early Saturday morning and the realization hit me. I WAS SO SICK! I had caught a one day stomach virus and it was determined to slow me down. I was so disappointed to not be able to go Goodwilling for the 50% off first Saturday of the month sale. I called my brother and let him know I wasn’t going to make it to his girlfriend’s little boy’s birthday party, that afternoon. Later that day I texted my friend a sorry excuse for not being able to attend her English Country Dance, that night. Bummer! Soooooo I was in my PJs all day, read, cleaned my room, etc. Fun right?!?!

On Sunday I grilled honey glazed chicken. And needless to say, since I’m writing about it on here,  I was very impressed with the outcome=)

I went over to an Amish family’s house for dinner Monday night and we began quilting a quilt I started years ago. They helped me frame it and begin. Such a relaxing evening. Dinner with a large family, washing dishes with so many girls, and then eating popcorn and quilting. Took me back to my childhood=)


Day 274


almost didn’t get this picture, I ran outside and took it and then climbed back in bed=) wasn’t pretty let me tell you…hahaIMG_1969-2

Day 275


here’s our new DIY bookshelf in our room…more on this in a later post=) btw our room in like almost put together, a year after we restarted it=)IMG_1975-2

Day 276


at the sleepover they shared pizza (I’m on another diet, so I brought my dinner along. So boring I know=)IMG_2079-2

Day 277

~I feel…~

I didn’t feel like working out on Saturday. This is a picture of a very sick me…but sick and all I still worked out. This was taken after I finished. Aren’t y’all proud of me? no actually I shouldn’t have, I’m still paying for pushing myself that day. I should have waiting till Sunday at the earliest. IMG_2162-2

Day 278


Isaac riding this big guy=) way above me! IMG_2178-2

Day 279


Christina’s new car! I love it, and I can honestly say I like it better than my explorer. So would I trade with her? Yep in a heart beat=)IMG_2197-2

Day 280


our professional photo’s from our cruise, finally pulled them out – after our bookcase was finished. Yay!IMG_3401

Have you ever pushed yourself to far when you were sick?

Please let me know which photo is your favorite=)



  1. I have totally pushed myself too far when sick; once I pushed myself all the way to pneumonia because I kept working and surfing and such. It's hard to let yourself be lazy sometimes. I hope you're feeling better now!

    1. Omg! How long we're you sick? Yeah allowing myself to just sit and read a book is tough, when I got a billion things I should/could be doing. I'm still not 100% but i'm getting there.

  2. Great pictures. you are looking great, Keep up the good work but don't push your self get some rest also.

    1. Thanks Tim! I'm trying to know when to push and when to rest. But my days are way too short.