Friday, October 24, 2014

chocoholic frolic

Christina did it!!!!!! She ran a 5K with me. It took us around 31 minutes to run =) I wrote about it here and finally got around to posting the pictures from it.

It was awesome running with my best friend…I talked the entire time. Poor Christina she was just, well…so focused.

I got the feeling about at mile two that she wasn’t going to make it. The only encouragement I could come up with was “Don’t stop, ever! No matter how slow you have run, just make sure your running. I’ll stay with you no matter what.” =) Yeah it was a lot slower run for me and at times I felt my legs just wanting to take off. Being able to experience this with Christina was something I will never forgot. She an amazing sister and when she sets her mind on something, watch out – she’s doing it.

I’ll stop bragging on my sister and let you enjoy the pictures=)


Below are the professional pictures taken by the event photographer…


Crossing the finish line…yeah she was almost crying635482034271561026

I love you Christina and I had an awesome time with you=)


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