Friday, October 31, 2014

Caroline+Ora & Teeni+Joni

Brothers and their wives=)

It was the first time I put a time limit on my photography session. I only had an hour and we hurried through it. I liked it because I didn’t get tired or run out of ideas. Also they don’t have time to be uncomfortable because we had to go fast. I missed having a second person with me on these. Christina where were you?1?!?! Taking the pictures then trying to set up the next ones. And not to mention this was my first time taking pictures of a baby…his mom made his little shirt, totally squeezes my heart.  I say I was nervous for these is an understatement…I was terrified…haha, but I think it went well.




I was hoping this would be my last photo-shoot for 2014 but it looks like I might have a few more on my plate because they spread the word…haha



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