Friday, October 10, 2014

casey crocker’s Salted Carmel Molten Chocolate Cakes

Another evening spent with the lovely Casey <3

I look forward to these relaxing ‘girl-nights’ =) Just her and I without the distractions of anyone else. Selfish me I know=) I get her all to my self, her full attention. To say that Casey is inspiring would be an understatement. This woman is down right AMAZING! The more I get to know her, the more I adore her. Such a sweet personality, I don’t believe she could ever be truly mean to anyone.

She cooks, pauses to chat for a bit (she’s never rushed), gives Charlie some time and continues cooking. We are both getting more comfortable with this. Me with taking the photos and her with the posing….I hardly have to ask her to “pause” anymore. haha. Such fun!

This was a late night. First she had to make the carmel. (she had to make it twice..and who said we weren’t human too?!?!? haha) then the molten chocolate cakes. Then wait on everything to chill for 30 minutes. Then put the carmel into the centers and FINALLY bake them. But we had a wonderful time=) I called Jonathan on my drive home that night, one good thing about having soooo many siblings, someone’s always up for a conversation…no matter the time=)


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IMG_1815-2IMG_1824-2IMG_1836-2IMG_1862-2Now comes the best part of the entire cooking date…when the deliciousness' comes out of the oven and we get to TASTE it=) whoo-hoo=)IMG_1944-2IMG_1946-2 I won’t even try to begin describing what it tasted like…y’all have to make it for yourself.IMG_1866-2IMG_1906-2IMG_1908-2IMG_1923-2Absolutely lovely=)IMG_1910-2

I hope enjoy these photo’s as much as I do sharing them=)

Click here for the recipe=)

Have a fabulous weekend…I’m going camping what will you be doing?


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