Wednesday, October 1, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Sept 24 – Sept 30

Last week was crazy busy for me.

Dinner with my friend Shirley on Wednesday night, always love our monthly dinners=)

I drove to Cincinnati, on Thursday afternoon, to visit a good friend who’s baby is in the ICU…the five hours there, left me with little to no time at work. I drove home (kinda out of the way, to avoid the traffic now I sound like an old person, huh?!?!?) through Brookville, IN. Lovely drive, looking at all the beautiful tree leave colors, radio way up (felt like country that afternoon) and sunglasses on…my kind of road trip=)

Friday evening I had a photo shoot for one of Christina’s work friends. It was so fun to take pictures and have Christina there to set things up…move the people etc. we could totally do this=) We think so much alike!

Saturday morning I was up with the sun (I slept in till six am, I hate admitting that) and had a bathroom cleaned etc. before heading to Westport for a 10:00 photo shoot. And they were an hour late. I’m starting to believe God is trying to teach me patience, a lot lately…and it’s working=) The shoot went awesome! My first of a baby, their little guy was 2 month old…I was a bit nervous to say the least. But I’m actually happy with the results.

Sunday morning I ran another 5K…this time with Christina. It was called The Chocoholic Frolic=) Fun, Fun right?!?!?!? Christina’s first time ever to run three miles. We finished at 31:34! I was so proud of her. She actually trained for this, but had never gone this far. It was so fun to be able to share this with my best friend. Back in May I asked her to run with me, after my mini, a 5K…she told me “NO!” and that she would never be able to do this…here just months later she ran three miles with me!  And what makes it even more special is I know she ran just because I had asked her too, she is just one amazing individual. I hope she genuinely enjoyed it, so we run in more together. A Large chocolate bar and melted chocolate awaited us at the finish line. We shopped for our room, material for curtains etc. the rest of the morning and went to our favorite restaurant for lunch. Qdoba=) A perfect day with my very best friend=)

Now on a photography note: I finally broke down and bought Lightroom and am beginning to edit my photos with that…crazy how much it improves my photos=) So bare with as I experiment with Lightroom…=)

Anyway on to the photos for this week…enjoy!

Day 267

~on my plate~

so all day I tried to remember to take a picture BEFORE I ate, below is the result of my tries. This is dinner…I failed!IMG_9839-2

Day 268


my hair is naturally straight, this is it right after a blow dry=)IMG_9857-2

Day 269

~negative space~

I tried, new photography term for me…I thought they meant literally to click here to read about it.IMG_0158-2

Day 270

~something you love~

I think the picture is all you need…point gotten=)IMG_0730-2

Day 271

~my eyes~

my favorite physical feature on myself IMG_0976-2

Day 272

~down low~

I love, love, love this shot=)IMG_1107-2

Day 273

~fall is…~

to me fall is leaves turning color=) and cider, sweaters, boats, chilly nights, pumpkins…okay I’ll stop.IMG_1183-2

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  1. Great Pictures. Busy weekend and good luck with your lightroom.

  2. Thanks Tim=) always love your comments<3