Monday, January 5, 2015

and so 2015 begins!!!!


I’ve been looking over the past year with mixed feelings. Below is my 2014 goal list. I’ve always been a goal oriented person, I know there are those out there that this doesn’t work out for, but I love doing this each and every year. By the way I’ve been working on this year’s 2015 goal list since October=) And the things I didn’t get done in 2014 don’t bother me, if I still want to do them then I’ll add them to the new years list, if not then whatever!

-2014 GOALS-

  • See the ocean
  • Fly in a plane
  • Debt free
  • Start and photography school
  • Become a certified bookkeeper
  • Finish Mrs Saul’s quilt
  • See three new states 
  • Visit two friends out of state
  • Trail ride
  • Pay my braces off
  • Invest in a Roth IRA
  • Run in a mini marathon
  • Read at least ten books (I read eight)
  • Start bow shooting
  • Take a picture everyday of 2014
  • Write to soldiers (I write two a week)
  • Meet with one of my friends monthly the entire year
  • Hand write a letter to an elderly friend once a month
  • Meet with a friend and ride horses three times
  • Run in three 5Ks (color rad run, chocoholic frolic, drumstick dash)

So fun right?!?!?! Looking over this list makes me so proud of myself. haha sounds so vain doesn’t it…sorry. not sorry=)

Coming into the new year as a blogger I’ve been loving all the new year post from all the blogs I faithfully follow, and here’s a great post from one of them, check it out=) I’m going to try and imply these points into my life this year.

Happy Monday!!!



  1. Ok, I see archery. If you get started you have to come down here and visit me and we will go on a 3d archery shoot.

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  3. Sounds like you did great! My husband bought me a bow a couple years ago and I loved learning how to shoot. Hope this year goes great for you too!

    1. Thanks so much! How thoughtful of your husband...I hope your year goes well too=)

  4. Awesome! You almost completed them all! That is great! Love the picture of you :)

    1. Thanks Grace...Christina took it=)