Friday, October 17, 2014

thirty days on horse back

Starting September 15, I decided to try and ride a horse, a day, for fifteen days. And my ride had to last, at the minimum, 20 minutes. I did it! Sometimes I had to ride over my lunch break…or right after work before I left for home. If I had something planned at home or elsewhere that evening. I only had to ride in the rain once, it’s been years since I’ve rode in the rain. And guess what? It’s still not fun=) Sam, my horse, was like are you serious?!?!?! Also only one early morning ride, due to a Saturday spent away from home. Now riding when when the sun is just peeping up over the horizon is always fun=)

Trying to fit a time to ride into my schedule everyday, was tough to begin with. After a the first two weeks it became normal. I got to spend a lot more time with Sam. By the end he was so tired of having his picture taken that he refused to prick his ears…haha. Oh well! It was so fun, in my own world, accomplishing something solely for myself.

And I took a picture (with my cell phone, that’s always easier to use when on I’m on a horses back) everyday and posted it on instagram, enjoy!!!!!


oneIMG_20140916_202342 twoIMG_20140916_213415threeIMG_20140917_184728fourIMG_20140918_124831fiveIMG_20140919_122457sixIMG_20140920_193009sevenIMG_20140921_213118eightIMG_20140922_191702nineIMG_20140923_170434tenIMG_20140924_161111elevenIMG_20140925_191855twelveIMG_20140926_162220thirteenIMG_20140927_191051fourteenIMG_20140928_185110fifteenIMG_20140929_194332sixteenIMG_20140930_163447seventeenIMG_20141001_121537eighteenIMG_20141002_130625nineteenIMG_20141003_165725twentyIMG_20141004_094237twenty-oneIMG_20141005_163808twenty-twoIMG_20141006_165341twenty-threeIMG_20141007_164300twenty-fourIMG_20141008_121705twenty-fiveIMG_20141009_190202twenty-sixIMG_20141010_194617twenty-sevenIMG_20141011_083045twenty-eightIMG_20141012_152128twenty-nineIMG_20141013_183910thirty=)IMG_20141014_165600

So there’s all thirty=)

Have you ever anything like this? of course not riding a horse=)