Wednesday, October 29, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 22–Oct 28

This week I passed 300 days of taking a “photo-a-day” felt sooo good! I only have 64 days left =)

Joseph had a party at his house on Friday evening. He just bought this house (it’s his first) and decided to throw a house warming game night =) For the bit of time I was there, I had a wonderful time. Euchre was my game of choice for the night =) I left early to have time to make cupcakes and still get to bed at a decent hour. (I volunteered to work the following day) I wouldn’t say twelve is a decent hour, but it’s slightly better than what it could have been.

Victoria and I made camouflaged cupcakes together for JT’s birthday party, Saturday night, pictures coming soon=) It was awesome to learn the process of making something from a box mix. It’s true! honestly I’ve always cooked from scratch so this is new territory for me. She also taught me how to make icing…now that is something I could really get into.

October seems to be so full of birthdays for this family…it’s our fullest “ birthday month”  of the year. After JT’s party I stayed up even later making Apple Dumplings for Joseph’s birthday party the following afternoon. They were heavenly, I actually ate one this time =)  We spent the afternoon playing scatagory. So. Much. Fun.

These photo’s looked a bit rushed, if you ask me. What do you think?

Day 295

~fall is…~

Fall is pumpkin spice…EVERYTHING! From candles, to pancakes, to pie, to a latte`. IMG_4148-2

Day 296

~a number~IMG_4183-2

Day 297


This was taken after dark…one of those “oh that’s orange” moments =)IMG_4189-2

Day 298


JT’s party was camouflaged themed. We all wore camo and the entire kitchen was decorated in the same. Thanks to Jamie (Jonathan’s girlfriend) for putting this all together. I played hide-n-seek, later that night, with my nephews. Out in the dark yard. I haven’t played in a few years. It was fun to be a “kid”, again, for just one night. IMG_4241-2

Day 299


Day 300


Free kitten signs up and so far still not a single takers for this little guy. IMG_4474-2

Day 301

~starts with “H”~

Easy one!!! lol! Starts with an “H”. Hannah =)  I love this photo of her…positively dreamy =)IMG_4495-2

Happy Wednesday =)

Please let me know which photo’s are your favorite=)



  1. The Leaf picture and the picture of Hannah are both really good! I like those the best :) Good job!

    1. Thanks Grace...Hannah is downright lovely, isn't she.