Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Oct 15–Oct 21

Someone please tell me how to stay motivated about life when you’re just so dang tired, both mentally and physically. Seriously I feel asleep, the other night, while reading a book. Sitting on the floor, with just my head on my bed while waiting for my younger brother to get out of the shower. I woke up at three, in the morning, this way. Talk about a seriously stiff neck. After my usual 4:30 work-out and morning shower=) I was quite my normal self.

Another bracket popped off my tooth the other day. It’s thankfully in the back of my mouth, so I don’t notice it unless I eat. which of course I do three times a day and it succeeds in making it as difficult as possible. The hassle of trying to fit a dentist appointment into my already FULL schedule…resulted in this conclusion. “I’m positively tired of braces!” -sigh- it felt sooooo good to get that out… Again I ask myself: What convinced me to get them again?!?!?!? So 7:15 on Friday it is=)

Jogging horses after work is a lot of fun…but cleaning the stalls is a different story…eight of them total at the moment, but more horses are expected as the yearling sales continue. My poor hands! All blistered up from the shovels, scratched from harnessing up these crazy animals and dry from the wind. I NEED gloves! but when can I find the time to go get them. I guess I’ll have to start buying my living necessities online.

On Saturday I worked on cleaning up our families old computer and installing all the programs etc. onto the new. The desk looks so different with just a laptop. Unlike the old computer box with a billion plugins, this laptop only has one=) I sorted through all the stuff in the drawers…filled several trash bags…throwing stuff away is always enjoyable=) While doing this I got to…you guessed it…COOK! I made two pumpkin pies (the dessert Victoria wanted for her birthday), peanut butter smoothie (which we used like ice cream on the pie, sounds weird/gross but you’d understand if you were raised with it=), spaghetti pie and all the sides that go with that. So fun! So I went back and fourth from working to baking…I could totally get used to this ratio=)

Day 288

~my afternoon~

my afternoon was spend figuring my budget for the next week…one of my all time favorite weekly chores. IMG_3852-2

Day 289


Day 290


yeah it was LATE…after square dancing all evening, this kid still had a lot of energy. IMG_3889

Day 291

~on the wall~

Victoria’s party=) we decorated with stars. She’s really into astronomy at the moment=) it added a fun retro feeling to the night…haha. We watched the entire North and South movie with everyone…four hours total. My parent’s rock…staying up with the best of us and finishing it out=)IMG_3893-2

Day 292


Salmon meat layers…btw this was an AMAZING lunch!IMG_4041-2

Day 293

~a pattern~

yep I finished it…well should I say my sister Alexandria finished it, haha  (check out about this quilt here)IMG_4130-2

Day 294


a very unique evening. I took my camera to work and just before started on my dad’s businesses’ books, I thought about taking my photo of the day. But no camera, I left it at work. Which is only 15 minutes away and Christina was so kind as to ride along, but STILL…IMG_4131-2

So that was my week=) Thanks for stopping by!

Which photo/s was your favorite?!?!?!?