Thursday, July 3, 2014

First mountain biking experience….

I was thrilled about doing this…planned weeks in advance (not to mentioned it was rescheduled a few time…not because of Isaac, but because I double booked and then canceled on my um-hum brother, sorry man don’t take it personal). We went to bed late the night before and that equaled both of us over sleeping. But, again, I reminded myself that it was just a personal set time, it really didn’t matter what time we got to the park.

It rained the night before at the park (it was an hour north of us, so I didn’t think much of it) The lady at the gate told us that some bikers had quit at bridge 6 because it was just so wet. She was just warning us – but we could still go. We drove an hour to get here and were so pumped about doing it we went ahead  and set out.

It wasn’t bad for awhile….

in fact we were chatting about how dumb it was that we EVER rode on the road. This was SOOO much more fun=)


about on mile 4 it started raining…a steady downpour.

but that was still fine=) It wasn’t cold…

Until mile 8 and it was still raining and I quit even trying to ride up the hill and just got off and pushed my bike. The trails were just mud and pretty slick. we didn’t know it was going to be 10.1 miles, which didn’t help either. The trails were very over grown, not really a bad thing on a nice day but…this wasn’t and the bushes drenched us even more when we rode passed or under them. 

So almost three hours later we emerged from the wood…covered in mud and very hungry=( Our conversation had turned considerably…now it was “if it has even rained the week before were not going biking”

I fell twice, bike slipped out from under me more times than I can count…when we hit the main park road at end, I was eating all the words I said about how dumb riding on the road was=)

– first time ever to go and we get this…definitely no “beginners luck” for these two.

But we made some good/bad memories and got to spend time together, that something=)

IMG_3637-001IMG_3638IMG_3643-001IMG_3648-001IMG_3655-001He had just changed out of his soaked shirt.IMG_3657-001A tired meIMG_3664-001

Have you ever been mountain biking?




  1. I love your bike Olivia!

    1. I still need to wash it off...just haven't had the inspiration=)

  2. Nice pictures. Like the first pic. the best! :)

    1. Thanks hannah for stopping by and taking the time to means so much!

  3. I love how you look so ready to ride in the first one, then in the last you look ready to go home. Sounds like a interesting experience. No,I have never been mountain biking. Great pics. ~Hannah

    1. I know...that's exactly how I felt=) it was a very interesting experience. You should try mountain biking sometime.