Thursday, January 15, 2015

the time I made a million muffins….

….not really more like a hundred, haha! but it sure felt like I made a million. I made these as Christmas gifts back in December for all my dad’s business’s customers. I hope next year to do something different, I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong, but it’s a ton of work and around the holidays that’s pretty much the last thing I want to be doing. cooking should always be slow, and not stressed equaling a perfect recipe for enjoyment.

And I never took a picture of the final baskets. Crazy! I didn’t realized this until I was editing these today…it’s a long story so I won’t bother you with the uninteresting details of the many whys=)


I made carrot/pineapple muffins, cranberry/pecan muffins, banana/chocolate chip muffins, and lastly applesauce/walnut muffins. I baked all afternoon and wrote some about it over here. After I made a batch of every single muffin I had my parents and siblings taste them, and then tell me if I need to add more or less of something etc. The problem at my house isn’t finding people to test taste, but to get them to stop once they have had a bite.


Normally when I cook I’ll finish up making one kind of cookie, muffin etc. I then clean everything up and start on the next kind, in this case it would have been muffins. But this wasn’t what happened this time. I made one batch of one kind and then of a different kind and so on. So I had one huge mess! And we don’t have a lot of muffin tin, only enough to fill our oven  twice. It works out okay. I pulled one batch (24 muffins) out of them oven and put the next ones in. Then wait on the “done batch” to cool for 10 min and then I’d take them out of then tins. And refill them in time to repeat the entire process. Sounds easy, but then put “making up the muffin batter” the entire time into the equation. I was a bit stressed at times…haha.


My mom helped put the muffins, after they had cooled completely, in the muffin cups, even my dad was helping at one time=) Speaking of my dad he even went to the store three times for us that night to get some much needed forgotten items/ingredients. He left for his final trip at 11:30, such a trooper. 


And you come to think of it, I didn’t even taste one myself! Shame on me! lol I will next time for sure…


The banana/chocolate chip were by far everyone’s favorite=)

















The customers were all thrilled, thankfully! Grace used to make these for these same customers every year, before I took over her job…she was known, at that time, as the “Muffin Girl” so I was trying to fill some pretty large shoes. I hope I did okay=)

Have a fabulous weekend! Mine will be spent studying=)




  1. Wow! Those are beautiful! I'm sure everyone was delighted by them. I will keep that idea in mind for next year...muffins in baskets look so nice...
    I used to be known as the muffin girl when I was younger. :)

    1. How cool Marjo! I'm sure you have some amazing recipes=)

    2. Those are Gorgeous! you did a great job Olivia.

  2. Wow! Those look so good. You did a great job!

  3. What amazingly lovely baskets! I wish we were a customer ;) Your helper (Mother) is so precious to is sad we can't see you as much lately. Study hard!!
    Blessings in Jesus~

    1. Thanks Mrs. Franks! I miss you all too...I loved the days when we saw each other every week. But life is always changing. Lots of love to you and your family.