Wednesday, January 22, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Jan.15-21

This week has been tough…I hate to admit it but I seriously had to climb out of bed one night because I remembered “I need to take a picture”…I just have so much going on and so many mental self-set deadlines to meet, that my picture taking got put off till last possible moment.

But in the end I can say I took a picture everyday! yay!!!

Day 15



Day 16


trying to capture the famous wedding ring photo…turned out pretty neat. But I could have opened the Bible to a better section!!!!!IMG_4183-002

Day 17


Victoria playing the piano…I lovvve listening to her play! probably the only reason why is because um….I can’t…  as a kid I dreamed about playing piano at concerts as an adult. don’t laugh I’m serious! =) IMG_4245-001

Day 18


I’ve written elderly lady since I was at least 12. She was a neighbor of my parents when they lived in Ohio. I’ve only seen her twice in my life. (I wasn’t alive when my parents lived in Ohio) She used to quilt until recently, because of her age –eye sight and health- she had to give it up for good. She’s 97 years old. I expressed an interest in her quilting and she (out of the kindness of her heart) sent me this “windmill” quilt pattern. I made a wall hanging quilt out of it a few years back, but still haven’t quilted the backing onto it. mental note: that needs to be done before this April. Well when I saw that todays word was pattern I had to jump on it and take a picture of this pattern. Look at her handwriting so beautiful!IMG_4355-001

Day 19


I tried my reflection in the mirror…I feel like every picture I take of myself looks the same. So when my sister suggested I take one of Isaac I was all for it…this is the only serious picture I got of him. Seriously you try not to laugh when someone is taking a picture of you brushing your teeth=)IMG_4407-001

Day 20


I schedule a test. Didn’t pay attention. And the day before I was to take it.  Monday. I noticed something. It was for payroll not adjusting entries. Seriously!!!!!! I’ve been studying the wrong thing! I feel about as blue as this book. So I rescheduled and will be taking Payroll on Saturday (like in this Saturday, I have barely anytime to study yikes!!!! ). IMG_4423-001

Day 21


Anyone reading any good books this year? Maybe even a book reading list for 2014? IMG_4425-001

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. My Favorite picture was probably Shadow :) That was a neat story about the older lady you write. Currently I am reading a book about the Civil War. And I have thought about making a reading list, but I have not yet =)

    1. Awe thanks so much!
      I remember in high school when I was reading about the Civil War...I seriously couldn't get enough. When we took a trip to visit family in Minnesota and got to see Fort Snelling and I found out that they were having a Civil War reenactment over the time we were there I was so all was the neatest experience. I also watched all those movie associated with this war...Gettysburg etc. Horrible war, but we need to know our history or we will repeat it.

  2. I love the thought that you put into each picture and the amazing little thoughts that you put with them!!! I have to admit, I was laughing as I read some of them :) Your doing a great job!!!!!! Keep up the good work ;) Love you tons!!!!

    1. Thanks Victoria, I It means a ton to get your feed back...=)