Friday, August 22, 2014

casey crocker’s Orange Chocolate Chip Scones

Okay FINALLY I get to make this announcement=) For about a month I’ve been trying to find the time to put this post together=) Annnnnd it’s finally here!!!   I’m so excited about this…..=)

…what started out as a simple visit with a friend turned into a new blog adventure. Well this is how it started. I met with this lovely lady from The Sunshine Hill Chronicle for just a quiet evening of photographing one of her amazing creations in the kitchen. (for a future blog post whim of mine=) I was so taken with this cake she made for the fourth of July…I had casually mentioned my need to take pictures of some of her baking and we somehow actually made it happen. While taking pictures that evening in her home, we both were having such a good time we decided to make this happen monthly. So I will have a post for each of our times together going up each month after our visits…the recipes will reflect the seasons of the year...yay!!! (Christmas is going to be the amazing!) She will be posting the recipes to her delicious foods on her blog…so you can go print them off and try making them yourself. I know I will be=)

So let me introduce you to Casey Crocker aka Casey Watkins the one who be doing all the cooking=) Besides cooking she’s a wife, nanny and writer. (it kinda makes me nervous writing this, knowing she’ll be reading it=) She’s also an author for Brit + Co. Besides ALL this she’s an incredible person (Carl you’re one very lucky man to have her as your wife) I don’t think I’ve smiled so much in one evening as I did with her. I really don’t know what is more enjoyable taking the pictures or just spending time with her. Her laugh and smile are so contagious. By the way she’s a great decorator and her home is just darling…I will totally have to do take a few pictures of home someday=)  I’m so looking forward to all of our cooking/photography sessions and can’t wait to see what she’ll be making=) IMG_5675-001

~Orange Chocolate Chip Scones~

IMG_5435-001IMG_5441-001Meet Charlie gotta love those eyes=)IMG_5448-001Aren’t these just perfect=)IMG_5460-001My mom squealed when she saw this picture…”look at that white apron” seriously pictures perfect!IMG_5463-001IMG_5464-001Rings off first, please! now I’ve never had to do this….yet=)IMG_5472-001Just watching her technics for everything was such an eye opener…IMG_5481-001IMG_5488-001IMG_5496-001IMG_5503-001IMG_5505-001Now this was the coolest part…she let the butter soften. Then she cut it up in squares, those were added to the flour mixture and she then….IMG_5507-001IMG_5509-001Mixed it in till the butter was all broken up and mixed into the flour completely. This is something I’ve never accomplished successfully IMG_5531-001IMG_5538-001IMG_5539-001IMG_5572-001Orange zest…I don’t know which I like the smell of better, orange or lemon=)IMG_5579-001IMG_5587-001IMG_5594-001IMG_5599-001IMG_5606-001doesn’t this just look perfect?!?!?IMG_5616-001and here’s Charlie…=)IMG_5618-001the best part the chocolate chips….=)IMG_5640-001Oh my goodness! is it just me or does this look wonderful????IMG_5650-001

She’s a fabulous cook and I learned so much from her by just being in the kitchen with her as she chatted and baked these wonderful scones=)IMG_5653-001IMG_5679-001IMG_5681-001She added these to cookie sheet just like cookies (didn’t roll them out etc.)IMG_5687-001IMG_5697-001Casey washed up some dishes and Charlie just sat on the his counter…watching=)IMG_5731-001IMG_5749-002waiting…waiting…waiting=)IMG_5750-001this cat!IMG_5766-001IMG_5776-001IMG_5785-001and finally! =)IMG_5810-001IMG_5853-001IMG_5876-001IMG_5879-001IMG_5919-001IMG_5929-001IMG_5952-001IMG_5971-001IMG_5976-001IMG_5992-001IMG_5994-001IMG_6000-001IMG_6007-001IMG_6009-001Yes. I ate one=) They were amazing!!!!IMG_6012-001IMG_6024-001IMG_6027-001IMG_6054-001IMG_6067-001

Click here for the recipe=)

Which photo/photos did you like the most?!?!?! please let me know=)

Happy Monday=)



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  1. This is so awesome, I like this idea! Those scones look so good! I really like the pictures of the scones when they are done and you got the tea pot and cups. Those pics are so pretty! Great job! Looking forward to the next post!!