Monday, July 14, 2014

Celebrating the Fourth of July=)

We went to a family’s house for an evening party on the fourth of July. Every time we’re together with these friends we always have a grand time…

Corn hole…I actually played a few games even though I don’t enjoy it at all. I like watching, but playing… who likes to play anything they’re not good at?!?!? maybe I’m the only one=)

Dinner was fantastic…all the summer cookout essentials=) Hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon, pie, chips, friends, grill smoke, and lawn chairs.

I didn’t stick around for the home fireworks that night, but headed to our county fair’s firework show instead with Christina. It was lovely!

IMG_4063-001IMG_4064-001IMG_4065-001IMG_4066-001IMG_4068-001IMG_4072-001IMG_4073-001IMG_4074-001IMG_4079-001IMG_4087-001IMG_4104-001IMG_4111-001IMG_4114-001bottle rockets…home made=)IMG_4115-001IMG_4123-001it couldn’t be the fourth of July without watermelon…=) even though I’m on a diet and couldn’t have any=(IMG_4128-001an absolutely lovely cake a friend made for the occasion. IMG_4129-001IMG_4138-001

What did you do on the fourth of July?



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  1. This was fun to look at and see all the fun things that we did. It was a fun day! :)